Stop smoking day

Wednesday 13th march 2013

Why should you quit?

1. Because you can!

2. Quitting decreases the overall risk of death (all causes combined) by 50 percent in fifteen years as compared to continuing smokers.

3. Heart disease.

4. Stroke.

5. Arteriosclerosis.

6. Peripheral vascular disease.

7. More than one hundred of the four thousand-plus substances are known to cause cancer.

8. Cancer of the lung.

9. Cancer of the oral cavity.

10. Cancer of the throat.

11. Cancer of the esophagus.

12. Cancer of the pancreas.

13. Cancer of the kidney.

14. Cancer of the urinary bladder.

15. Cancer of the cervix.

16. Incidence of obstructive lung disease.

17. Chronic bronchitis.

18. Emphysema.

19. Other substances, known or suspected mutagens, that cause permanent, often harmful changes in the genetic material of living cells.

20. Smoking is responsible for more than fifty different medical conditions.

21. Women who smoke take longer to become pregnant and are more likely to miscarry.

22. Men who smoke may suffer impotence.

23. Smoking can affect sperm quality.

24. Women who smoke during pregnancy are more likely to have low-birth-weight babies.

25. Women who smoke give birth to babies who are premature, stillborn, or die shortly after birth—Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

26. Toxic tobacco smoke, a.k.a. secondhand smoke, harms others.

27. Toxic tobacco smoke can cause asthma in your children.

28. Smoking reduces oxygen to the brain, thus may affect your mental function.

29. Smoking reduces your ability to perform in activities, such as sports.

30. You are paying big tobacco your hard-earned money to cause you harm.

31. Depending on where you buy cigarettes, you’ll save more than $2,500 a year if you’ve been smoking a pack a day.

32. Smoking destroys your brain chemistry.

33. Smoking is a selfish drug and affects your personality for the worse.

34. Nicotine—a poisonous, addictive, drug, has been linked to cancer.

35. Nicotine is more addictive than heroine or cocaine. 36. Tobacco smoke contains four thousand-plus chemicals.

37. Smoking causes your breath to smell.

38. Smoking causes your teeth to yellow.

39. Smoker’s cough.

40. Your sense of smell and taste will improve within days of quitting.

41. Fire prevention.

42. Increased work productivity.

43. Your family and friends will stop nagging you to quit. 44. You’ll have more motivation to do the things that are really important to you.

45. Constant cough/sore throat.

46. Respiratory problems will decrease.

47. Gum disease risk.

48. Nonsmokers don’t like kissing smokers. There is nothing sexy about smoking.

49. You won’t feel like a leper in public. More than 70 percent of people don’t smoke.

50. You won’t have to lie about your addiction.

Did you know?

Smoking kills 80,000 people in England every year. Almost enough to fill the wembley stadium!
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