A Peek at the Week

Mrs. Gutierrez's second grade weekly news letter.

Who is Mrs. Gutierrez

Hello my name is Mrs. Ayla Gutierrez, but your wonderful children usually call me Mrs. G. I graduated from the University of Houston with a specialization in bilingual education. I have been teaching here in CARE ISD for two years now. I believe my super power is that I am a very passionate person, especially when it comes to helping a child. I never let any kind of difficulty ever get in my way of achieving my task in hand. I like being a bilingual teacher because I want students to be true to who they are and be proud of it. I like using their culture to connect with them and help them become the best person they can be.

Become an Expert

Whether your child is struggling in a subject or they just want to know more, there is always a teacher here to help. We have a set of teachers that come to school early or stay late to help your son or daughter become successful.
        • On Mondays and Wednesdays there will be Science and Math tutoring in Room 130 with Miss. Sanchez.
        • On Tuesdays and Thursdays there will be a Science and Math club in room 130 with Miss. Sanchez.
        • On Mondays and Wednesdays there will be language arts and Social Studies tutoring with Mrs. Gutierrez in room 131.
        • On Mondays and Wednesdays there will be a language arts and Social Studies Club with Mrs. Gutierrez in room 131.
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Adventure Time!

This week our second grade students will be taking a trip to the Houston Museum of Natural Science. The trip will be Tuesday November 21, the busses will leave at 8:45 am. Please arrive before 8:30 we do not want to leave anyone behind. We plan on arriving at 10:00 am then we will have lunch at noon. At 2:00 we will begin preparing to leave and load the buses. Students are scheduled to arrive back on campus at 3:30 at the normal school relies time.
      • Your child will need the following items:
        • A lunch that does not need to be refrigerated.
        • A Water bottle for when they get thirsty.
          • In a small paper/plastic bag (we will hold in a cooler).
          • No back packs or lunch boxes will be allowed.

Your child along with all second grade teachers are so excited for this big adventure we are going to have. With your support I know with will be a safe and meaningful experience.

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Birthday of The Week!

Happy birthday to you, happy birth day to you. Happy birthday dear Sarah, happy birthday to you! This week we will be celebrating Sarah Miller, she will be turning eight years old.

  • Sarah’s favorite color is purple.

  • Her favorite animal is a tiger.

  • Her most favorite place in the world to be is at the beach.

  • When Sarah grows up she wants to be a singer.

Though we cannot bring any treats to class we can always make our students feel extra special on their special day.

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Theme of The Week

Happy Monday to all second grade parents. Are we ready for an exciting week at Cougar School? This week is filled with many exciting activating with our new theme of Extinct Animals. Your child will be introduced to many species of animals that once roamed this earth. Later on Tuesday we will take them on an adventure to the Houston Museum of Natural science where they will get to see and experience the wonderful creatures. Throughout the week they will reflect on their experience and expand their knowledge of the past creatures and how the animals we see today are related.

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Talk to Me

My goal is to see your child succeed and together I know they will. Please never hesitate to contact me.

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