Surbuban Sprawl

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Why suburban sprawl is a issue.

The two main issues with suburban sprawl are that 1, it destroys many forests and marshes that animals live in and 2, without the proper environment many animals die.

Suburban Sprawls negative effect on the enviroment.

Building lots of houses in one area can cause water pollution because of the chemicals used during construction and lazy workers throwing trash in the water. Many species have gone almost instinct because of suburban sprawl destroying their habitat.

Areas effected by surburban sprawl.

Florida's marshes are getting destroyed because people are building houses on them. New York City has no ecosystems or forests in it (besides central park) because of suburban sprawl.

Wildlife most affected by suburban sprawl.

The animals most affected by suburban sprawl are birds because when trees get cut down so a house can get built they don't have a place to make a nest and they have a hard time finding food. The plant most affected by suburban sprawl is pretty much any type of tree. They cut down trees to make the houses, and they cut down trees to make room for more houses.

Suburan Sprawl in League City.

No I don't think suburban sprawl affects our lives in league city but I think it could if they go overboard making houses.
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Are people affected by Suburban Sprawl?

Suburban Sprawl doesn't really affect us yet but if left unchecked it could destroy most of the forests in America.

What causes suburban sprawl.

Suburban Sprawl is caused by the over development of a certain area.

Previous solutions for suburban sprawl.

Some people are trying to get the government to protect more forests and others want to put a limit on how many houses are allowed in one area.

My solution for suburban sprawl.

I would limit the amount of houses built in a certain area and I would also not allow people to destroy forests that contained endangered species.