Unmasking Greatness in Reading

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What's the Deal about Small Group Instruction?

September 10, 2015

Issue 2

Reflection Produces Change

When thinking about an experience/classroom lesson that did not go as planned, do you notice it produces discourse, where your thoughts and beliefs wrestle within you? Considerations on what was the intended outcome and how the situation unfolded race endlessly through your mind. Questions such as: Did I prepare enough to get the desired outcome? What could I have done differently? What went well? ---all need to be answered. After the answers are revealed through ongoing reflection, the transformation process begins. If we truly want to unmask greatness in reading, we must begin to deeply reflect on our literacy practices. If the instructional practice is not working, consider what would work. Study, research scholarly articles, be a go-getter because you strive to do what’s best for students. Thoughtful consideration breeds change as you continue to plan for literacy instruction. Your students’ success depends on your reflection! So, never stop thinking (reflecting) on best practices!

The Journey to Develop High-Quality Small Groups

"What Story are You Telling?"

Your story is your reality. You design your journey by the words you choose. When change happens, it can be overwhelming—to see the need, but not be sure about the next steps. Maybe the change bothers you because you didn’t decide it or it just doesn’t feel right. Are you going to be a victim of change or will you go out there and make the best of it to produce continued success? It’s your story to tell. You decide what happens next. The truth is change is inevitable in a school district. Things change, but how you handle it, your story, will predict the future. If your story is bringing you down, change how you tell it. Embrace change!

Will it take time and lots of practice? Yes, but it is worth it! We have an amazing group of colleagues to collaborate and reflect with on a continuous basis. Yeah, you are a vital part of this group of elite literacy educators! We are learning so much together and expanding on our previous knowledge. The design of your instructional future is in your hand (reflection). So, as you grapple with how your small groups will run, consider our previous, current, and ongoing professional learning community topics and conversations. Review any provided information from trainings or scholarly research that you discover in your studying for effectiveness. Remember the book we are studying in our book club, Great Habits Great Readers and ride on into reflective success.

Educational Consultant

My current job in the public sector is an Academic Reading Coordinator (CWIC), in which I provide teachers with professional development, a collaborative partnership, and classroom support they need to lead their students to success. Reading has always been my passion--even as a little girl, which makes it so easy for me to do what I love best. I am so proud of what my reading department has accomplished this year. Together, we earned 4 distinctions.

In addition, I am also an educational consultant of 9 years, motivational speaker, adjunct professor, curriculum writer, and editor. Currently, the bulk of my consultant work is done with the McNeil Foundation, a principal certification program located in Dallas, San Antonio, and Houston.