Europe Brochure

Western,Northern,and Southern Europe By:Fantasia Futrell

Western Europe

-It has a temperature,wet climate that supports abundant agriculture,livestock such as sheep,cattle,chicken,and pigs.

Countire(s)-United Kingdom,Germany,France, & Ireland

-Seafood is important in coastal areas.

Northern Europe

-The northernmost part of this area extend s into the Arctic Circle.

-Countrie(s)-Scandinavia-Denmark,Sweden,Norway,Finland,and Ice-land

-Fish,and cured meats are included in the Northern European Cuisine

The Mediterranean (Southern Europe)

-The Mediterranean diet is based on fresh fruits, and vegetables,fish,and poultry with smaller amounts of meat and dairy foods.


-The Moors of North Africa introduced marzipan in Spain which is made of almond paste and sugar.