My trip to jamaica


this is talking about my trip to Jamaica in central america

Hey this is Troy is this is about my time in Jamaica! shoooo we are landing in the jamaica airport looking around i can all ready see the beauty the nice long Trees and the tropical feel of jamaica I really wonted to learn about the Modern culture of this amazing county so i started off to my next location.



Kingston jamaica first place i wont to see the capital of jamaica First place we set of to go is the devon house this place is such a amazing place because this house was owned by the first black millionaire george stiebel the he was not only the only black millionaire in the 19th century there was 3 more wealthy people beside him this geroge never has had a good back ground he was born on this land but never like the amazing house you has as a adult now but sooner or later the house has got demolished this place is amazing as we walk by and see all of the amazing put and detail that was put into the house the big gates and the nice trees


Next thing i wonted to learn about in my trip to this country was about reggae music and there biggest influence in the music witch you may know was bob marley well i learned for a lot of elderly people who lived here they told me that this style of music was formed i about the 1960's this type of music is the few of its kind and its soo amazing because its a type of music you can talk about anything with like some people talking about being cheered up like sad being happy i think you get the point now this type of music is made with a ton of soul and pride and nice pride you can this also gives powerful messages most of the people who sing reggae music are from jamaica and other country like it the biggest influence in raggae so big he has his own museum in most peoples mind would be bob marley he died 1881 and was born 1945

ColOmbia Government

Landing into comliba

Pwwwe we just have left jamaica to go visit colombia as we are landing i see a lot of wide land and people pools etc the plain lands and the first place i think i have to go to is the capital witch would be Bogotá as our drivers pulls over the car me and my parents see a tour of the capital building witch is very exciting for me and my family as we are waking thru the building we see all kinds of nice stuff and then we see the president of columbia


columbia was a growing economy one of the fastesting growing in south america co still columbia gets income from old fashioned multi crop farming meaning that they don't just grow one crop they grow cash crops to try to support there family the crops are not used for just there personal use they farm it and sell it to stores etc so they government can make some type of income amazingly this is working quite well for them considering the grate economy they are having but with that the drug bunnies in colombia is at a all time high drug dealers will pay farmers up to 200,000 and more to keep there drugs when one of the most common exports there is coco with is soon made in to cocaine making the drug problem here bad
Colombian National Anthem - "¡Oh Gloria Inmarcesible!" (ES/EN)