How do injuries affect gymnastics?

By: Carlie Tesch


  • Gymnastics is one of the most dangerous sports in the world
  • It's so dangerous because of the amount of injuries it causes
  • All of the stress on your bones from all the practice can break bones, and tear muscles

Most common injuries

  • Some of the most common injuries that are caused by gymnastics are...
  • 5. Spondylosis, which is a specific part of the vertebrate caused by a stress fracture or repetitive stress
  • 4. Achilles Tendonitis, which is caused by repetitive stress
  • 3. ACL injuries happen when you land short
  • 2. Sprained ankles are caused when you fall or roll your ankle
  • 1. Sprained wrists occur when there is constant strain or land on it wrong

Ways to help sprained wrists and ankles

The different types of breaks and fractures

The 2 main types of fractures

  • The 2 main types of fractures are stress and impact
  • Stress fractures happen when stress/pressure is on the bone for a long period of time
  • The amount of practice weakens the bone and it just starts to creak
  • Impact fractions happen just like that
  • These fractures occur when you fall or hit a bone
  • Some examples are when you fall off of a trampoline or fall off your bike
  • These are just the main types of fractures, there are many more

Ways to heal broken bones.

  • When you break a bone, you may not always get the best care right away
  • But when the doctor finds out you have a broken bone, you most likely get a spint or a brace, not a cast
  • Casts and splints help the bone heal because it immobilizes the bone so that it can reform and make it stronger
  • There are 2 layers of a cast
  • The first layer is the padding, the white wrap that you see sticking out of the cast
  • It is there to help the the skin be protected underneath the plaster top which is the second layer
  • Wet bandages are placed on the top and take about 10-15 minutes to harden
  • The top part helps the bone to not get bumped or broken again
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Ways to prevent injuries

  • Instead of just going to flip and tumble right away, you should always warm up and stretch
  • If you don't you are more likely to rip or tear a muscle
  • For a little sample warm up do some running, stretching, splits, arm circles and jumping jacks
  • The main bones that you want to stretch are your arms, legs, backs, wrists, and your ankles
  • Another way to prevent injuries is to dress appropriately
  • Gymnasts wear leotards with their hair up and out of their face
  • If you don't have a leotard, you can wear tight clothing with your hair up, no jewelry or socks
  • Another way to prevent an injury is grips, wrist guards, and different kinds of braces to help stabilize bones that have already been hurt of broken
  • Use the equipment correctly
  • Don't use something that your not 100% sure how of it works
  • Make sure nobody is around you so you don't hit anybody, or another piece of equipment

How does physical therapy help broken bones?

  • Physical therapy is meant to help you heal bones that you have broken or hurt
  • It can also prevent further injuries
  • Massaging your muscles helps the bone not to hurt as much
  • Physical therapy also helps make the muscle's stronger, improve flexibility, and it helps you function the bone better and stronger than before.

Gymnastics fails

  • Here are 2 video's of different fails
  • Enjoy!!!
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  • In conclusion gymnastics is a dangerous sport
  • By using equipment safely, wearing the right clothing and stretch will help prevent injuries
  • When you break a bone, most likely you will be put into a cast to heal and immobilize the bone
  • Ways to heal sprained wrists and ankles are to ice it, compress it, and elevate it
  • Thanks for watching