Friday School

October 2020

Friday School Protocol

In a recent board meeting, BGV’s Board approved Friday School for Rimrock students with an “F” and online elementary students with a significant number of missing assignments. The plan specifies that:

... students who have missing assignments, failing grades, or who are not indicating adequate progress will be required to come into the building ... ensure passing grades, completed work, and adequate progress.

... If any Rimrock student has an “F”, they’ll be required to attend any offered Friday school to improve their grade(s) - this Friday school is not optional if any Rimrock student has an “F”… it’s mandatory. Students will be notified at least one full week before the Friday school is offered, to allow adequate time for family planning. If a student misses a required Friday school, Principal Burk will treat the absence as truancy and deal with it accordingly (including the option of using ISS to ensure the student completes their work and raises the “F” before participating in any electives and/or extra-curricular activities sponsored by the school).

Rimrock - Failing Grades

If a student has failing grades, they’ll either

(a) attend Friday school, or;

(b) return to in-person learning (if currently online) until they achieve passing grades.

Online Elementary - Missing Assignments

If an online elementary student has more than 3 missing assignments, they’ll either

(a) attend Friday school, or;

(b) return to in-person learning until they complete the missing assignments.

Friday school is likely to occur bi-weekly (every other week).

Friday school will also be made available on a voluntary basis, to students/families who need additional supports from teachers to ensure student success.

If your student is required to attend Friday school due to failing grade(s), BGV will provide at least one week's notice to ensure time for accommodations to be made.

Important Notes

The week before Friday school, Principal Burk & Principal Meyers will identify candidates for Friday School. School administration will notify families via the Friday School Notification Letter.

Families will be given (roughly) a week to improve the academic status of their student(s) prior to mandatory Friday School.

The typical Friday School will run 8 am to 4 pm - but if students complete 100% of their missing work, they may leave early at the discretion of the instructor they are working with.

If a student skips a required session of Friday School, the absence will be treated as truancy. BGV administration will address each case individually as they occur.