Works Progress Administration

April 8, 1935

What Was WPA Intended To Do?

The Works Progress Administration was part of FDR New Deal and was to help the country get back on its feet. The program helped over 8.5 million Americans.

Who Was The WPA Going to Help?

The WPA was intended to help the thousands of Americans who lost their jobs, homes, and normal lifestyle during the Great Depression.
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Which category did the WPA fall under?

The WPA was to help relieve the country of its unemployment rates, and to help the country and its people recover from the great depression.
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Any success?

The WPA was very successful, the program gave over 8.5 million people jobs to help them back on their feet and get their life back together. The program also helped by repairing roads, bridges, created parks, and built some buildings in which are still in use today.
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Does this program help you better understand the Great Depression?

The WPA has helped me better understand the situation that these families were in. It has also allowed me to realize the numbers and amount of people affected by this period of time.
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Does the Program Still Exist Today?

The WPA was cut off on June 30, 1943. I feel like this program was good while it lasted, but I don't feel like its necessary right now. If something were to happen and our country fell back into something like this, then the program will be very helpful.
Harry Hopkins and the Works Progress Administration