LSPS Developmental Kindergarten

Opportunity for students and families for 23/24 school year.

Program Overview

The Lake Shore Developmental Kindergarten offers an adjusted kindergarten curriculum and activities for students with birthdays between June 1st and December 31st. The developmental program is a two-year program, with the first year in the district DK classroom and the second year in a traditional Kindergarten classroom at their assigned home school, not necessarily the same building the DK classroom is housed. Students who need extra time to develop self-regulation, as well as an academic foundation, could benefit from this option.

Emphasis is placed on the following curricular areas:

  • Language
  • literacy
  • Math
  • Science
  • Social studies
  • Social experiences
  • Physical skills
  • Arts
  • Dramatic play

Is my child ready for Kindergarten? Check out this resource from the State of Michigan.


  • What building will the DK classroom be held? For the 23/24 school year, Developmental Kindergarten will be at Masonic Heights.
  • For year two of Developmental Kindergarten, will my child still be at Masonic Heights? For the second of year of the Developmental Kindergarten program, students will be placed in a traditional Kindergarten classroom in their assigned home building.
  • My child has a birthday that falls between January 1st and May 31st, but I believe they could benefit from a two-year program. Can they be placed in DK? Per state guidelines, students can only be placed in a DK if their birthday falls between June 1st and December 1st.
  • My child has difficulty with self-regulation, but is on track academically. Should I consider DK? We recommend the Kindergarten Screener to assist with that decision. Please register for an appointment as soon as possible.

The Learning Evironment

  • Hands-on Learning
  • Manipulatives and creative materials for discovery.
  • A supportive and challenging academically and socially.
  • Cooperative work and play.
  • Individual, small-group and large-group classroom activities.
  • Early childhood certified teacher and assistant.
  • Developing skills for independent management of self and belongings.
  • Opportunity to mature physically and emotionally.

Academic Growth and Development

Math Concepts:

  • Count aloud to 20
  • Recognize the number of items in sets of 5 or 6
  • Identify numbers from 0-10 Write some numbers between 0-10
  • Compare sets of objects using the terms more, less, same and equal
  • Add and subtract small quantities using concrete objects
  • Copy and create simple repeating patterns
  • Compare and sort objects by color, shape, size and other attributes
  • Recognize and name shapes
  • Put shapes together to make designs, pictures, and larger shapes

Literacy Development

  • Share and listen for information
  • Answer questions about stories
  • Hear rhymes
  • Identify all uppercase and lowercase letters Identify all letter sounds
  • Express self in dramatic play
  • Write using pictures and symbols
  • Build vocabulary
  • Recognize first name in print
  • Print first name with a capital letter at the beginning, followed by lower case letter(s)
  • Understand concepts of print (front of book, back of book, read left to right)

Developmental Kindergarten in Lake Shore

  • This is a state-funded, tuition-free program.

  • Located at the Masonic Heights Elementary.

  • 5 days per week, following the LSPS elementary calendar.

  • 7:55 - 3:05 Monday through Friday.

SPACE IS LIMITED. If you are interested in having your child considered for Developmental Kindergarten, please click on the button below to sign up no later than Thursday,June 15th, 2022. Contact Mrs. Cindy Sam ( or email with any questions.

Kindergarten Screener Sign Up

Please sign up for the Kindergarten screen if you have not yet done so. The screener assists with placement, support services, and potential recommendations the district may have to assist with Kindergarten readiness.

Developmental Kindergarten Interest Form

Please complete the form if you are interested in your child being considered for a Developmental Kindergarten placement.

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