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December 2014

Happy Holidays!

Wishing you and your family a wonderful Holiday Season! We hope you have chance to rest, relax and renew over your well deserved holiday break. Enjoy!

What is Effective Teaching?

Even though Lansing may not know how to evaluate staff and administrators or be able to decide how they want to implement evaluations...we need to ask the question fundamental to each district:

What is our definition of effective teaching? What does it look like?

So, no matter what tool you decide to use or purchase, be clear on your definition. Once you have the definition, they you can look for it, teach to it, support it, and evaluate against it.

New Beginnings

Tracy has supported many of the county wide committees, including Superintendent's Curriculum Committee of the Whole as part of her work as the Administrative Assistant in the Education and Learning Department. Tracy has been at the GISD since 1979 as a Davison co-op.

Tracy will be retiring with a history of exemplary work ethics, professionalism, and productivity. She has been a cornerstone of our department and a support to our districts.

Thank you Tracy for all you've done! We will miss you!!!

MDE Updates and Information

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M-STEP Assessment Updates:

Information on Michigan Curriculum

The "Better" Question Changes Everything

Check out Dan Rockwell's leadership advice on creating cultures that practice getting "better, as well as his latest on "The Secret."

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