Monday Memo

April 11-15, 2016

MAP Begins....

Tomorrow begins the exciting weeks of MAP testing. You've all worked tirelessly to prepare students and they are going to be amazing on their tests. Instead of the curriculum corner, we will have a MAP reminders section for the next few weeks as we are testing.

Thank you to everyone in advance for being flexible during this time. Interventions will be pulled when they can in the am. We will have a more definite schedule for the pm based on the grade level schedules shared with us last week.

Please remember that specials are in the afternoon beginning Monday.


Thank you to Kurt and Tina for all their hard work on preparing for MAP testing.

Thank you to Cindy for helping cover a class last minute.

Thank you to Kim for being so flexible and filling in where and when needed.

Thank you to Aimee W. for helping to surprise our Paras with a special treat to show our thanks.

A huge shout out to our DI teams. Both teams won first place in the state competition in Joplin over the weekend. They've qualified for globals!!!! One team has opted out of attending, but the other may go. Thank you to Shane Johnson and Joe Balvin for their work with these teams throughout the year!

Coach of the Month

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Amy Rinearson

Amy Rinearson was selected as the coach of the month. Amy was nominated for her work building relationships with students. She does a fabulous job!

Assistant Coach of the Month

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Barb Auping

Barb Auping is our assistant coach of the month. Barb was nominated for always pitching in to do whatever is needed for students. We are thankful for the wonderful job Barb does for our students at West.

The Week Ahead

Monday, April 11 - RTI @ 3:40

Tuesday, April 12 - Team Meetings, McTeacher Night 4-8

Wednesday, April 13 - Early Release PD (Standards Based Report Cards)

Thursday, April 14 - Laptop Exchange, PBIS Tier I Only @ 3:40 in Room 151

Monday - A Day Pledge - Johnson

Tuesday - B Day Pledge - Ortner

Wednesday - C Day Pledge - Randolph

Thursday - D Day Pledge - Ferrell

Friday - E Day Pledge - Cowley

MAP Reminders

Please refer to your procedures handout for a list of all reminders during MAP testing. Below are a few very important procedures that we need to be vigilant about.

1. Please remind students to maintain a level 0 in the hallway.

2. If a room next to you is testing please be mindful of student voice level and enVisions video volume.

3. Please ensure that your white boards are completely clean during testing.

4. Make sure you are letting parents know the specific days your class is testing so they may ensure students get plenty of rest and a good breakfast.

5. When you are finished testing you should ensure all laptops are plugged into their chargers. This isn't a job for students, it's so important that this is done by teachers so we can ensure computers are charged at night.

6. Before passing out laptops and beginning the test, pep students up about working hard, taking their time, reading carefully, checking their work, and having confidence in themselves that they will do well.

7. All teacher laptops and cell phones must be powered OFF and stored in a drawer out of sight.

8. When your entire class is finished call one of the Aimees in the office.

9. If testing a small group please pick them up at 8:45. The teacher will hand you their test ticket, students should not be responsible for carrying their ticket. Please do NOT send them back to class when they are finished. Someone will come around to get them and escort them back.