Kilgore Primary

March Counselor Newsletter

March Core Essential~ Patience


Patience is waiting until later for what you want now.


Ask a kid:

• Have you ever had to be patient and save up your own money from your birthday, Christmas and other occasions to afford a new toy instead of buying it right now?

• Can you think of a time that you had to be patient on a long car ride or waiting in a long line at a store?


Visit any daycare center or preschool and you will witness patience. Teachers and caretakers of young children must exhibit an enormous amount of patience because babies and young children have to be taught everything from speaking words, to recognizing their name to using the bathroom. Trial and error occurs often at this stage of development; therefore, the individuals working with these children have to be

patient and persistent in teaching.


As a family, jot down some examples of times that you become impatient. Examples might be:

• When the Internet is slow on my tablet, phone, computer, etc.

• When I am driving/riding in the car and the person in front of me is going too slow

• When I am in a hurry to get somewhere

After you have written down examples, think of ways to practice patience in those specific circumstances (take deep breaths, force yourself to slow down, remind

yourself that impatience rarely gets others to move faster, etc.).

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