The Flight 10.18 - 10.22

2021 - 2022

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Happy Birthdays - none

Action Items

Teachers, please ...

1. Make sure to have following data ELA & Math iready, lexia , BAS levels for the students you are bring to kidwatch.

2. Upload a link to your PT conference schedule to this document. Put your conference schedules here. It is in the playbook. If you do a physical sign up, once you have all families signed up, please take a picture and then provide the Google link in the designated spot by your name.

3. Give your feedback on our Proposed TOA ( from PLC ).

3. Post TOME details on your Canvas page so it is easy to access for your students and their families. ( see blurb below and/or email from Brittany) - 2nd - 5th grade

4. Watch the video below " Excellence in Education Series ....."

5. Review the our SHES Disaster plan and KNOW your role. Page 2 on the playbook.

Poway Unified "Excellence in Education" series: Ethnic Literature and Ethnic Studies

Classified, please ...

1. Watch the video above " Excellence in Education Series ....."

2. Review the our SHES Disaster plan and KNOW your role. Page 2 on the playbook.


Reminders from your TRRFCC Office Team

School Pictures

The portrait proofs were put in your mailbox Friday. Please distribute it immediately. They can order online or return the orders to school. The ordering deadline is Monday, October 25th.

Staff badges and staff proofs were also put in your mailbox.

Please review, revise and sign off on your class picture that the names are correct and note any missing students.

Lunch seating Charts

Click here to see all grade lunch seating charts
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Blue Envelope Campaign - Please consider sharing with your families

We've entered the last week of the Blue Envelope campaign. So far, we've raised $34,348.42. The link to donate in case you'd like to forward along for one last push is:

The top two classes will win a pizza party AND a walking field trip supervised by the Principal to Hilltop Park for the top class. Here are the current standings of class participation:

Aneshansley - 59%

Sousa - 52%

Forrestal - 46%

Anderson & Castillo - tied at 43%

Jacobson/Sumner - 40%

Kanicak/Walsh, Punches, Brown, Hallisy, Griffin: tied at 34%

Kay - 30%

Cook, Harkins, Gavigan: tied at 22%

Let me know if you have any questions, and good luck to your classes on this final week!!!

Effective Immediately


At Board Meeting, the COVID presentation showed the following slide:

All Volunteers Must be Vaccinated or

Provide Negative PCR COVID Test

  • Slowly expand volunteers on campus in order to maintain health and safety of students and staff as well as reduce contact tracing impact

  • Effective October 18, 2021, during the school day 1-2 volunteers per classroom, indoors/outdoors, per day will be allowed

  • Outdoor celebrations with designated visitor area, i.e. Friday Flag, Jog-a-Thons

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How to make smaller groups for tracking impact students and other groups you have identified? This is how to set up groups:

Additional help docs can be found here -

Remember, your Impact Teacher can have access to all iReady, but scrolling through all classes would be cumbersome, so have them set up and manage their small group(s).

How to get your Impact Teacher access? Once they are officially an impact teacher with a district email account, put in a webhelp ticket asking for Lexia and iReady administrator access.

We are working on the same type of help with making groups in Lexia… it’s coming.

Monday Fun Day!!!

School Unity through Character Colors!

Encourage your class to wear their school grade level colors every MONDAY!

FYI we will be taking an all school, as well as an all staff picture on Monday October 25th. Next Monday!


The TOME (Tutoring Outreach Media Education) tutoring program is back and will begin next week!

What: For those of you who are not familiar with the program, it is organized by Westview students who volunteer their time via Zoom to help 2nd-5th grade SHES students with assignments/areas they need support.

****Students come in to work on things like math homework, writing assignments, reading comprehension questions, etc. Some support may take 5-10 minutes while some may take up to an hour.

Brittany and Debbie monitor the Zoom and visit breakout rooms throughout the hour. Please open up the tutoring opportunity to all students (I put the link in my Canvas course), and you can also recommend it to specific students and their parents as an intervention.

If you recommend it for a student, please let the student/parents know what you would like them to work on when they attend (ex: math homework).

Why: To provide a place where our students can get extra academic support from Westview student role models.

When: Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:30-5:30pm (beginning Oct. 19th)

Where: Mrs. Kay’s Zoom Room

Password: wildcats

How do I know who is attending? The TOME tutors will complete this tracking form during each session. You will know which of your students attended and what they worked on.


When I receive notification of a positive COVID case. I will be asking classroom teachers the following when there is a positive student case:

  1. Are there any student close contacts?

  2. Are you considered a close contact?

  3. Does the student participate in ESS, ASES or after school athletics/programs?

  4. Does the student receive any special services, small group instruction, etc during the day that may have close contacts?

From this information, I will determine a close contact list. I will share this list with you and then work to notify all necessary families.

Articulation Day 2 - THIS Wednesday 20th

  1. Trish will be the roving sub this day.
  2. The conference room should be available for you to use to jump on Zoom for your time slot
  3. Please make sure to have all applicable ELA & Math iready, lexia , BAS scores/ levels for students that you are bringing to kidwatch
  4. Make sure all kids you speaking about have been entered into the console

Red Ribbon Week is Next week 25th - 29th

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Fall Festival & Halloween Details

Thursday October 28th

Parade route to come. There will be a parent / family viewing section due to last week's board meeting.

Parade will be at 8:30am before we go to classrooms.

Students will have the option to wear costumes.

Anyone who wants to join the group costume, see Cheri's email or check in with her. :)

We will have a fall festival that will be similar to the structure and schedule a field day.

Room parents will be allowed to come on campus and be outside as a field day volunteer for your classroom.

October PLC Schedule


10/20 Articulation Day 2

10/25 - Xploration - Team/Lisa Connect Meetings

10/28 - Teacher Directed

DeAnn Schedule next 2 weeks

Tues 10/12 - on site

Wed 10/13 - Articulation all day

Thur 10/14 - on site


Tues 10/19 - on site

Wed 10/20 - Articulation all day

Thur 10/21 - District Office - All Counselors Meeting - all day

On Demand Writing Assessment - Fall Details

PUSD’s district elementary on demand writing window is Monday, October 18 and goes through Monday, November 1.

Please plan to use your Xploration time on November 8th to calibrate and discuss scoring. I will be joining teams to participate in this work. We will be looking at district rubrics as we evaluate student writing.

There have been no changes to last year’s prompts.

Reminders from LSS

  • There are two on demand writing options for each of the text types, an A prompt and a B prompt for each grade level K-5.

  • As an entire grade level you may select which version you would like to administer, A or B each trimester. This also applies to which text type you would like to focus on for the current trimester.

For example: An entire grade level may choose to administer, for trimester 1, the Narrative Prompt B. This would be the piece that the entire grade level would rubric and score. This offers flexibility within the text types throughout the year.

  • Please keep in mind that all three text types (prompt A OR prompt B) need to be administered by the end of the academic school year.

Prompt A details: All prompt A options for the three text types are completely stand-alone prompts. That is, they are not aligned to any Benchmark Advanced units, texts or scope and sequence. They may be administered within any trimester.

Prompt B details: All prompt B options are more aligned with Benchmark Advance and the scope and sequence of the program. These prompts align with specific units, essential questions, interim assessment components and performance task components from Benchmark. Take note of the unit alignment and your calendar pacing.

Additional Grades 2-5 Prompt B details: Grades 2-5 prompt B asks students to read and respond to two texts as part of the writing process. This initial brainstorming/answering questions work (Part 1) is not part of the final piece and scoring. Grade levels should score only the final task/writing piece (Part 2). Please note that teachers should use lined writing paper of their choice for Part 2.

Scoring: It is recommended that grade level teams meet to review the writing rubric, discuss grade level expectations for this trimester and score papers.

  • A double read is a combined score of 8 based on the 4-point rubric. Final scores would then be entered into the PUSD Student Report Center. Reminder- this is one piece of writing in a student's overall writing portfolio for a progress report marking.

Mystery Science Supplies -

Please Log What You Take ...HERE!

Please Enter in the supplies that you have taken from the STEM room

to use for your Mystery Science so we can keep track of what we have.

We have a volunteer who will be restocking supplies as we order and get them. We are working to figure out a specific place to keep all the supplies ( most likely the Lightbulb Lab). We will keep you posted.

Parent Teacher Conferences - Update

And if you have scheduled any on campus parent teacher conferences please take notice of the following requirements:

1. Any family member that comes onto campus for a parent conference must have a proof of a negative test within the week or a vaccination card. The office staff will be in of this during conference week.

2. Siblings will not be permitted to attend conferences. If childcare is a concern for a specific family please schedule a zoom conference.

3. The expectation is that teachers meet with every students' parent/guardian for a conference.

Report Cards Progress Report

Information from Benda Gillies.

Also now in the staff Information Folder, link in the Playbook page 1.

November 1st - Professional Learning Proposed Schedule

12:45 Walk, Picnic Lunch, and lawn games/activities.

2:15 Return to Campus

2:15 - 3:00 Progress Reports

Lisa's Lightbulb

Started and interesting book...

Culturally Responsive Teaching and The Brain

-Zaretta Hammond

Culturally responsive teaching emphasizes cultural ways of learning and cognition rather than focusing on cosmetic “race related” displays. Affirmation of students’ cultural roots comes through incorporating deep cultural values and cultural ways of learning (using the memory systems of the brain, organizing around social interaction (collectivism), and combining oratory skills with academic talk) rather than through superficial pictures of “heroes” or images of Africa or Mexico or irrelevant mentioning in the curriculum.

This is US!

Week At a Glance

Filipino Heritage Month ( October )

Monday 10.18

7:45am SPED Meeting

9:15 - 9:45 Super Seagulls

9:45 - 11:15am Principal's Huddle Meeting

3:00pm 504 Meeting Anderson, Wilken via ZOOM

3:00pm IEP Walsh, Kennedy, Stowell Admin.

6:00pm PTA Board

Tuesday 10.19

9:00am Cheri and Lisa Connect

9:30 - 10:15 Bridgette Informed Schools Training

10:20 - 10:45 Lisa Informed Schools Training

11:05 Drop & Cover Drill

11:15 PFA Weekly Leadership Meeting

Wednesday 10.20 -

Articulation Day 2

Thursday 10.21 - Guest Principal

Disaster Drill

Friday 10/22 - Guest Principal

2:00 - 2:25 Running Club K - 2

2:30 - 2:50 Running Club 3 -5

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Covid Positive in your Class ?

What you can expect to happen:

1. We will let you know as soon as we find out.

2. Lisa will meet with you within the day to take a look together at your seating chart and discuss the agenda/schedule of last day of exposure for other students.

3. Close contacts will be determined.

4. Letters will be sent out within the day to any close contacts. Families have 3 choices if their child is determined a close contact. ( see health and wellness form PPT if you are interested in these choices)

5. You and Lisa will work together to determine best plan of action for at home learning/work completion for Covid positive and any close contacts.

6. All school and community letters sent via email.

Teacher Responsibilities for students out of school for close contacts or + case

Per Carol Osborne/PFT

Our goal is to provide continuity of learning during quarantine and isolation with teacher support.

Teacher Resources to Support At Home Learning

All PUSD teachers will be enrolled in the At Home Learning Canvas course beginning Thursday, September 2. Teachers will have access to the course via the Canvas Dashboard. This course will provide teachers information and resources about the following At Home Learning options:

  • Elementary Teacher Options

Teachers select which option works best for them and their students. To provide consistency and coherence, we recommend that grade level teams collaborate and determine which option works best for the team. This also reduces the workload for individual teachers. Canvas will be the resource for posting all online learning materials and communication. If you are new to PUSD, your Tech PLL will be able to support you with Canvas.

· “Live Access to Learning” - Teachers provide live access to instruction and lessons via Zoom. (See Canvas course for additional information)

· Teacher Generated Materials - Teachers provide students with teacher generated learning materials to align with classroom lessons.

· PUSD Weekly Unit Resources - Teachers link District created resources on your Canvas site (At Home Learning materials for Benchmark, Math Expressions, and Integrated lessons for Social Studies and Science).

Zoom Access Option and Guidelines

Providing live access to lessons using Zoom is an option for all teachers. As professionals, teachers will decide whether or not to use Zoom, as well as which portion of a Zoom lesson will best support students who are logging in from home. Teachers will need to post the Zoom link and time frames on Canvas for students. Please review the At Home Learning Canvas course to ensure you are following the recommended guidelines for set up and the new privacy recommendations for students.

At this time we are holding on utilizing Off-Campus Independent Study (OCIS) Contracts for quarantine and Covid related absences. We anticipate updates from CDE in the near future that will provide clarification regarding requirements.

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Parent Teacher Conferences - Updates

Please make sure you let any families that you are meeting with in person know:

1. In order to come onto campus they will have to show proof of a negative Covid test within the week or proof full vaccination. Our office staff will be handling this during conference week.

2. Siblings will not be allowed to attend or come onto campus with family members. If this is an issue please schedule a zoom conference.

3. It is expected that classroom teachers meet with every students' parents/guardians.