"Villa Ed'n Trust" International

Bookings for 2019

Bookings for Groups in Feburary and March 2019 [3 sites available]

This is a very common time for travel to New Zealand so as to enjoy the best of the New Zealand summer.

In 2018 we enjoyed hosting several groups across this period and look forward to doing the same thing again:

  • Formal traditional welcomes,
  • Dedicated ESOL classes in the morning,
  • Integrated classes with kiwi buddy in the afternoon,
  • Homestays organized,
  • Weekend events as needed,
  • After school events as needed
  • Formal graduation closing event at the end.

Please come back to me as soon as possible so as to secure your group booking.

Individual enrolments for the City, South and West sites

Our policy is simple - no more than 2 international students in any class under a long-term enrolment [1 - 4 terms]. This means the international student has clear teacher focus and the capability of making real kiwi connections.

We are accepting enrolments for students in any of our Villa Middle Schools [11- 15 year olds] Yr 7, 8, 9 or 10 students.

We find 2 years at the niche "Middle Schools" provide a real transition for an international student to one of Auckland leading Senior Secondary Schools.

Each Middle School is based on a Villa, [ 4 classes x 12 - 15 students in each] interactive project based learning that prepares a student for ongoing university study.

Please contact me as soon as possible if you have someone you would recommend to enroll.

Villa Education Trust

As a Trust we have been serving "International Students" for the past 15 years to ensure that their educational experience in New Zealand is meaningful, and effective in the long-term.

As the school year is coming to close to finalize group or individual bookings/enrolments is vital.

Looking forward to hearing your recommendations.