My Dream

By: Rachel Gay

High School

  • I want to join Best Buddies
  • Have a Ford Fusion for sophomore and junior year
  • Have a Mustang for senior year

College Life

  • I want to go to Baylor
  • Live with my one of my friends
  • Own a chocolate lab
  • Get a 4.0
  • Have more clothes
  • Have a good paying job


  • " I can accept failure but I can't except not trying." - Michael Jordan
  • " I don't trust words, I trust actions."
  • "Life is a game, you just have to be willing to play."

Married Life

  • Be a nurse
  • Live in Texas and have 2 kids
  • Own a Ford Sport
  • Own a boat and a jet ski
  • Visit Colorado and Cali
  • Live on a ranch and have 2 horses