Questioned Document Examiner

By: Mia Thurston

Job Description

  • Compare signatures and handwriting through handwriting analysis to determine the authorship of documents
  • Examine typed documents and link them to specific machines or computers (printing process examinations)
  • Decipher the contents of documents that have been partially destroyed or altered
  • Compare fractured or cut-edge comparisons on a variety of surfaces, including paper and tape
  • Examine incidents of indented writing
  • Perform alternate light source examinations to determine ink discrimination, alterations, and/or enhancements
  • Examine documents for signs that they have been forged or altered

Working Conditions

  • testifying in court
  • Working at a desk examining
  • going to crime scenes
  • working with others
  • computer work

Training/Education Requirements

Education or Training-- Bachelor's degree preferred; On-the-job Training

Experience-- Have worked in a crime lab or crime scene unit is preferred

Peace officer certificate may be required

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Personal Characteristics

  • self management
  • interpersonal
  • teamwork
  • communication
  • writing
  • presentation skills
  • observent
  • patient
  • organized
  • persistent
  • honest
  • trustworthy

University Archives - John Reznikoff - Questioned Document Examiner

Earnings and Job Outlook

Salary Range: $28,000--$73,000

Employment Prospect: Fair

Advancement Prospect: Fair

outlook in specific areas

  • Riverside County, California: $51,687-$73,000
  • San Francisco, California: $85,904-$104,442
  • Indiana State Police: $46,709
  • Los Angeles, California: $76,416-$94,994
  • Columbus, Ohio: $31,257-$51,283

Education Spotlight

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SOURCE ( Career opportunities in Forensic Science)

see book in mrs. Shibles class room (Page 70)