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Welcome to MTRS Student Services!

Questions about scheduling, college process, scholarships, work permits, transcripts or life in general? Do you need to speak with someone regarding an issue that is bothering you, do you need a place to discuss what is going on in your life or to figure out how you are feeling? Please feel free to contact us or stop by the office. The Student Services Office is here to help! We look forward to seeing you soon!
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Click here to go to the MTRS Student Services Website. Here you will find additional resources and some FAQs!


Happy start to your 2022-203 school year. This newsletter will be emailed to all 9th-12th grade students and caregivers weekly on Thursdays. It will also be linked in Mr. Buckland’s weekly newsletter.

2022-2023 School Year

Your student should have brought home a packet of paperwork for you to review, sign and return. If you did not receive this paperwork, please contact the front office, or you can print out the forms below and return them to the front office.

Medical update

Media Consent Form

Student Handbook Acknowledgment Form

Chromebook Form

For 11th and 12th graders:

Armed Forces Consent

For 12th graders:

Senior Privileges Application

Destruction of Records Consent

Academic Calendar for 2022/23

Honors Level Selection

Honors course level selection is taking place this week. If you would like to take a course for honors credit please let your teacher know by Friday, September 9th.

MTRS has 3 levels of coursework, College Prep, Honor, and Advanced Placement. Grades are weighted based on the level of course a student takes. Students are then ranked according to their weighted cumulative grade point average at the end of each semester. Below is an explanation of the grading system and class rank.

Grading System and Class Rank

Grading System and Class Rank

Courses are weighted when computing class rank and GPA. See the chart below. Class rank and GPA includes all students in their core academic areas only: English, Math, Social Studies, Science, and World Languages. It does not include courses taken at the local community college; that GPA stands separately. The placement Level and the associate Grade Point Value are listed below.

Independent Study courses and courses taken outside of Mohawk Trail, including online, Greenfield Community College, or correspondence courses, are not considered when GPA (Grade Point Average) is calculated.

Credits are earned by completing classes with a passing grade and credit is awarded at the end of each semester. (Credit for yearlong courses such as AP courses is awarded when the course is completed.) A semester is one-half of the school year. Semester one is from late August to mid-January, and semester two is from mid-January - June.

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12th Grade Students

Welcome to Senior Year! There are so many things to be excited about and look forward to; Booster week, Capstone, College Acceptances, Friends, Jobs, Musical, Prom, Scholarships, and so much more.

Here is a preview of the fall:

College application/Essay Support: Daily during activity time at lunch

COLLEGE VISIT SCHEDULE: Visits offered during Advisory and Lunch

Financial Aid Information: Information presented in Advisory Lessons and available for parents through MEFA Virtual meetings.

11th Grade Students

This is your year to get involved. Join a club, get a job or try a new sport. We will spend a lot of time in Advisory researching your interests, strengths, and information about options after high school.

PSAT/NMSQT - THE PSAT is a practice test for the SAT. The SAT measures a students ability in reading, writing and math. The SAT score can be sent to four year colleges as part of your application. Most colleges do not require the SAT as part of the college application through 2026.

THE PSAT will be given to 10th and 11th grade students on October 12th during the school day, cost $20

Please us this link to sign up for the PSAT

Students may sign up for the practice SAT using this link. This test also qualifies students for the National Merit Scholarship program based on their scores.

10th Grade Students

Explore your interests in high school by joining a club or sport.

Through lessons in Advisory, you will do more career exploration and research.

PSAT - THE PSAT is a practice test for the SAT. The SAT measures a students ability in reading, writing and math. The SAT score can be sent to four year colleges as part of your application.

THE PSAT will be given to 10th/11th grade students on October 12th during the school day, cost $20

Students may sign up for the PSAT using this link. For more information visit PSAT

9th Grade Students

WELCOME TO THE HIGH SCHOOL CLASS OF 2026! MTRS is so glad you are here! Through the month of September, Ms. Neuenschwander will be meeting individually with each 9th-grade student to get to know you.



Career information, exploration, and opportunities.

This year students will be exposed to career speakers in their Academic and elective classes. These speakers will highlight careers that connect to the specific academic area or topic they are learning about in class. This allows students to connect the classroom to the real world. More to follow……