Boy With Striped Pajamas

By: John Boyne

Main Conflict

The main conflict in the story is that Bruno and Shmuel should never be friends because it was against what Nazis belief. They believed that Jews were less than them, therefore they should all be killed. So they thought that since they were less beings, humans. The Nazis put a lot of the jew in concentration camps. And that's where their friendship was separated...

Main Charaters

Bruno- A 9 yr old boy whose family believes that jews should be erased from existence. A great friend to Shmuel.

Shumel- A 9 yr old jewish boy sent out to a concentration camp, a good friend of Bruno

Gretel- The sister of Bruno. She doesn't get along with him. known as "the hopeless case"

Father- A military Commander. Always working in his office not bothered.

Mother- A Redheaded stuck up, and depends on their maid.

Maria- A maid the whole family takes advantage of, accept bruno. They have a good friendship


-1940 Nazi, Germany

~Camp Auschwitz