Week 3

Welcome to Week 3!

The weeks go by so quickly!

I saw some excellent work in Week 2! Please double check that you have turned in all items -and- that you have emailed me the Live Classroom Code Word. Expect to see your grades posted by Tuesday night. Thanks for all of you hard work :)
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What's due?

Week 3: Items Due

This week we have the following items to complete:

-Live Classroom: Email me the Code Word for our Live Classroom

-Discussion: Social Stratification (Main Post by Tuesday, Reply Post by Saturday

- Midterm Exam:For the Midterm Exam, you'll pick three of the questions to write on. Each essay should be 250-300 words (approx. 900 words total). Make sure to submit one file only (not three) and to include each question that you are answering. Highlight the questions or put them in bold.

Keep up the good work :) -Robyn

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