Samantha Melton

College of Charleston

All About Me 1/12

Major: Psychology w/ Neuroscience (Pre-Med)

Best Friend: Morgan Meehan (University of Kentucky- :((( )

Important People: Fam Bam- Ellie (9 yr. old sister), Mom & Dad, Zuri (my teacup pomeranian), My awesome roommate (also named Ellie, same spelling and everything), My sorority sisters (Delta Delta Delta), Jairo (S.O), Jairo's family (Pia, John, and Abuela [He's colombian]), and my crazy friends scattered across the USA (Braden, Kelly, Macey, Anna, Isaac, Emma)

Why CofC?: Cold weather is a BIG NO! But really, Neuroscience isn't offered in Kentucky and I want to be a pediatric neurologist! I'm also big on networking and the connections with MUSC here are amazing. I also have a lot of health issues and MUSC is a great hospital to help me with it. The school is beautiful with a lot of culture and history, something I also admire. I've always wanted to live near a beach and palm trees and here at CofC I get to experience that! Great school with a great reputation. I've wanted to come here since my junior year of high school. I was so excited when I got my acceptance letter.

What you want from this class: I took film photography my junior and senior year of high school and won't national awards from scholastic, I love art! I also was on my schools literary magazine class that is ranked 5th in the nation. I was Editor-in-Chief my senior year as well as Design editor my junior year. I love graphic design. The staff was also a creating writing staff, another thing I am very passionate about. I love science but I also have a sweet spot for the creative world, and i've had that passion for a long time!