1968 turning point

Tet Offensive

the Tet Offensive was a series of massive coordinated attacks through south Vietnam this caused the year of 1968 to become critical. North hoped for the Tet to inspire southern people against their government however it did not go as planned. Many people was left homeless and even slaughtered for the thought of helping the Americans. However it was a decisive defeat for the communist . Even threw the loss the communist shows how determined they was to keep fighting.

Assassination of Robert Kennedy

Robert Kennedy was shot three times after winning the California presidential primary. After he announced to his cheering supporters that the country was ready to end its fractious divisions. Kennedy was perceived by many to be the only person in American politics capable of uniting the people. After winning California primary he was in the position to receive the Democratic nomination and face off against Richard Nixon in the general election.

Assassination of MLK

the news of Martins assassination reverberated around the world . Kind had led the civil rights movement since the mid 1950's using powerful non-violent acts such as sit-ins , boycotts and protest marches to fight segregation. his Death angered many Black Americans as well as a period of national mourning that helped speed the way for an equal housing bill that would be the last significant legislative achievement of the civil right era.

Democratic Convention

The Democratic Convention sparked lots of protests activity tens of thousand Vietnam protesters began battling the police. Over the course of 24 hours the predominant American line of thought on the Cold War with Soviets Union was shattered. Since the of WW2 the U.S. perspective on the Soviet Union and Soviet style communism was marked with disapproval.

Election of 1968

The two that were involved were the Republic nominee Vice president Richard Nixon and the Democratic nominee Vice president Hubert Humphrey. Vice president Nixon wanted to end the Vietnam war and improve international relations.Vice president Humphrey wanted to address civil rights and nuclear disarmament.