Interior Decorator!

An interior decorator has a plan of either knocking down walls, changing the color of walls, adding or taking away certain furniture, rearranging things, make sure colors go with certain furniture, pick fabrics ect....

Budget and planning!💰

A designer can keep you on budget and save your time and effort. A decarator knows where to find certain resources for your house. They know where to get all the supplies nessicary to finish your house. Interior decorators work with clients to see what would fit in their budget without going over. They help clients see their visuals of things and their plan for their house.


Interior decorators always have to make sure colors go with colors and fabrics go with colors. I'm not saying you have to have a room all one color you have to have certain colors that just go with other colors. You have to make sure the colors blend and go well with each other.

Small details that matter!💁🏼

Some small details an interior decorator might add to make someone's house pretty is something as small as a curtain, fish tank, TV, ect... You always need something that completes that room or area. Some small little object just as these could make a houses apperances gorgeous.