Manuel Noriega

Jake Gomes


Noriega was born in 1934, in the capitol city of Panama...Panama City. He attended the military academy of Chorrillos while there he showed exceptional skill and by doing so he caught the attention of the US who then recruited him as a CIA informant. By 1983 he had almost total control over panama after assisting in a coup against the former government. He named himself supreme general and with that power he was able to make people who apposed him disappear like many other dictators have in the past. While still working as an informant for the US he would take information that he received from them and give it to other Latin american countries effectively he was a double agent which made him a considerable amount of cash. Double crossing was not his only source of income, Noriega also had large dealing with major drug lords which alerted The US Noriega's ally, this greatly upset the US that someone affiliated with them would be this corrupt. In 1989 president Bush led an invasion of panama where we captured Noriega and made him pay for his crimes including murder drug trafficking and espionage for which he got 40 years in prison.

the video shows Manuel's life from his troubled childhood where his parents both died and he was adopted by his aunt and uncle to his rise to power and fall because of his drug trafficking.

Letters to Manuel regarding his drug trafficking


I apologize for the late payment to you and your partners for that last shipment of product we have run into trouble with the authorities and the people here just are not as willing to buy as they used to be

Tuco Salamanca



i do not appreciate you sending you thugs after my dealers we payed you back in full for that last shipment but the amount of interest you demanded was ridiculous and i refuse to pay it! Also the fact that we are being watched by US officials that no doubt are here because of you does not help me make any profit for this relationship.



Mr. Noriega

I am pleased to inform you that we have disposed of that "bug" that you needed taken care of. Attached is the payment for that last shipment which sold well since the local authorities have now turned a blind eye which i'm sure we have you to thank for. I look forward to doing further business with yourself and your counterparts.




How much of an impact did power have on Noriega's ridiculous methods of running his country