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Good Health, Hope and Gratitude

Dear Families,

As the week went on some sadness entered my mind and my heart when I started to think about all the beautiful McNear gatherings and traditions that were interrupted this year. Back to School Night, Elder’s Day and the Variety Show were a few rare gems that slipped through, but from Norovirus, to fires to COVID 19 we have been hit pretty hard. Kinder families, there is so much to look forward to in the coming years!

Just in time, pictures of rainbows, letters of gratitude, offers of support for families and staff all started pouring in filling me back up again and reminding me that the kindness, care and determination of our community is steady and strong. We will have good days and bad days, but we will have each other and we will come through this with stronger collaboration, communication and renewed appreciation of our time learning, laughing and celebrating together. Hang in there, be kind to yourselves and be kind to one another.

With gratitude and admiration,

Liza Eichert

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Yearbook 2020 Call For Submissions

Hi McNear Parents,

If you would like to contribute to this year's yearbook please send pictures or stories to This year's theme has been changed to "Gratitude" I would love stories about your child's experience during difficult time. There are many stories out there that are uplifting and funny.

If you have fun pictures from this time please share. I am also looking for any pictures from the school year. PLEASE only 2-3 your very best ones. I do NOT need jog a thon, Performing Arts, or Talent show.

PLEASE only share them at this email not my personal one.

Thank you,

Liz Foote

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Cards and Kindness for Health Care Workers

Keep these sweet masterpieces coming! One of our wonderful kindergarten parents is hoping to create a space for our community to support hospital staff working the front lines. Many are struggling to stay positive and many of them are scared. We also want our kids to learn how powerful HOPE can be during this time. Make a card, draw a picture, write a letter, send in cute pictures of your pets, paint or build some beautiful art or be creative and caring in your own way. Send submissions to Principal Eichert ( and she will create a slideshow to share with hospital staff in our area.

PE workout video for schools

Keep Music Alive with Great Videos and Lessons from Our Music Teachers

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Principal Eichert's Build A School Challenge

Calling all students and engineers! If you designed a school would there be a swimming pool, a roof garden, a pond, swings on the roof? Nothing is too crazy for this virtual school challenge! Dream big and build a model with blocks, sticks and leaves or recycled materials you find around your house. Take a picture or make a video to show off your creation and send it to Principal Eichert. Include the name of your school and some details about what makes it special. Submissions to are due by April 24th.
5 Ways to Make YouTube Safer for Kids
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Digital Library Resources

The Sonoma County Public Library is a great way to access many online resources including ebooks. If you do not have a library card, it's fast, easy, and FREE to create an eCard.

eCards are temporary cards that can be created online. eCards can be used for borrowing and using electronic resources. These cards automatically expire after 120 days. eCard users can convert their eCard to a general library card by visiting a library and completing the steps above. Get an eCard now!

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