Bento Mussolini

By Matthew Dechert

Bento Mussolini's early life

Mussolini was born on July 29 1883. He was born in Dovia di predappio. During his childhood he showed little respect for rules and others. Even though he was rebellious as a child he still got a teaching degree.

Mussolini's rise to power

Bento Mussolini became the leader of Italy through strong socialist support . As time went on he changed his views over to fascism. Mussolini decide to support Italian nationalism and unite the Italian workforce. If you weren't a fascist supporter you would be beaten or murdered.

Mussolini during World War Two

When the war started Mussolini saw it as his glorious quest to turn Italy in to a great empire. He promoted fascism as a way to increase military thinking. His ideas of glory were so twisted he decide to ignore his peoples anti-Nazi views and allie with Germany. The Allies decide to attack Italy for it was the weakest of the axis alliance.

Mussolini falls from power

Mussolini's failure to help Italy become great gets him voted out of power and gets thrown in jail. When he was arrested many Italians felt relived to have the dictator gone. After Mussolini there was one question if Italy would be fighting with the Germans or join the allies. On April 28 1945 Bento Mussolini was executed by the Italian underground.

After math of Italy

After the war just like Germany in World War 2 Italy had to pay some war reparations. $360,000,000 had to be paid to all the nations damaged by Italy's alliance with the Axis.

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