iPhone 6s- Half court

The Truth Behind Advertising

Comprehension questions

2. Identify the audience who is this made for?

The audience is targeted to teenagers and adults who are interested in buying a new phone.

3. What techniques did they use?

In the advertisement they showed a live representation, using the iPhone 6s. Also, they showed All-Star NBA player Steph Curry, taking a half-court shot. The advertisers are trying to get to the point on how cool the video looks on the iPhone 6s. They are using Stephen Curry, so that his fans will think about buying the iPhone 6s.

4. Do you agree with their strategy?

Yes, I agree with their strategy. I agree with their strategy because, they showed a visual representation of it actually working.

5. How would you create an ad for this project? What would you do differently?

There is nothing I would do different, because they showed it visual representation of it actually working. This tells me that the product is not a scam.

iPhone 6s – Half court