Careers to Think About

Here are some careers that I have not considered yet.

Health and Wellness


-Medical professionals who help maintain the health of peoples' teeth and mouth.


-Good colleges for becoming a dentist would be Tyler Junior College or Vernon College.


-People who identify the spread or cause of a disease and prevention for it.


-South Plains College or Ranger College would be great colleges to start taking classes for this career.

Agricultural Management

Animal Breeder:

-Animal workers who specify in specifically breeding certain animals.


-A good program to go into would be the "Agriculture , and Agricultural Organization" program.

-You can go to Paris County College or Tarrant County College to take classes specified in this career.

Animal Trainer:

-People who work to train animals to do certain tasks to complete harder jobs.


-A good college to go to in order to train for this career would be Tarrant County College or Weatherford College.

Business Managment


-A person who analyzes specific records and interprets that data for further use.


-A good program to take for accounting would be Business/Commerce in Tarrant County College or San Antonio College


-People who calculate the possible futures of people regarding their finances.


-Taking a Financial Management program in colleges such as Vernon College or Richland College is a great way to start preparing for this career.

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