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Genetic diagnosis therefore evaluates our individual prerequisites for the development of certain diseases later low carb foods in life and helps develop a strategy to prevent diseases to determine individualized treatment.

The problem with the genetic diagnoses was until recently very specific technical requirements and high costs. Research and development in recent months, however, extremely advanced, allowing us to bring this unique complex output predictive genetics broadest strata of the population.

At the same time such as the examination of all organ units (Comprehensive screening) can undergo genetic risk for many diseases on our partner site CHG GENETICS.

On the basis of clinical findings and genetic predisposition analysis Gens-can is the precise diagnosis and initiation of preventive therapy or treatment already developed the disease.

This comprehensive medical and personalized approach to each client is made explicit assumption of a healthy and happy life for anyone who decides to take their health into their own hands.


Chemotherapy is a very popular and effective method of direct injection rejuvenate introduction of chronically acid in the skin.

Why Chemotherapy?

Most commonly used on the skin on the face, neck and decollete, where the soft, multiple punctures introduces chronically acid, which has the property that strongly binds water.

The skin that revitalizes and moisturizes, resulting in greater elasticity, strength and noticeable smoothing the surface. Itself is made ultra thin puncture needle after previous administration of best diet women anesthetic cream, so surgery is very comfortable.