Cool Laptop Bags

Cool Laptop Bags

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Fashionable laptop bags have recently become very popular. With the assortment of choices for laptop cases on the market now, there is actually no point in spending too much on one. Especially with the current economic problems of today we should be trying to save as much as possible. Let's look at the brighter side of things. As they say, there's always a silver lining. So let's find it.

When one says cheap, it does not mean ugly. Sometimes the lower priced ones are one of the best pieces there are. There are a lot of cheap fashionable laptop bags to choose from. Just like hitting two birds with one stone, you save money and are cool at the same time.

A cheap price doesn't have to be dull and boring. Bold colors, wild prints and accent pieces on bags can make people wonder how much you really paid for it. Aside from price you should also keep in mind that your laptop bag is needed to protect your laptop computer. Before fashion and before price, you always have to think of the safety and function of your laptop. It will be very disappointing if your bag or case is the main culprit for your laptop's demise.

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If you really look at it, each computer user owns a laptop case or bag that definitely suits them. Sometimes, their laptop bags are more fashionable than their own handbags or backpacks. So you can see how much being trend savvy in the techie world makes a difference in today's society.

When I say that there are a lot of cheap fashionable laptop bags on the market, I really do mean a lot. But below I will list down my personal top three fashionable bags for laptops for everyone that may wet your appetite.

First on the list is for the ladies is a laptop bag from Rainebrooke designs and are called the Emily laptop tote, they come in light pink and hot pink and they, can fit a 17' laptop and have enough compartments for all your other computer accessories. The adjustable removable strap allows you to chose to carry it as a messenger bag or as a tote.

Next for netbooks I particularly suggest breathable sleeves by BBP. As the name suggests these sleeves are breathable allowing ventilation for your laptop, especially when stored into the sleeve it helps cool down your laptop quickly.

Lastly for the the guys there is a brand from Waterfield designs. It is a laptop messenger bag called the Muzetto. It is designed for a 13' laptops and this messenger bag is so cool and stylish and has enough extra pockets to store your essentials.

So now do you agree when we say that there are a lot of choices for cheap fashionable laptop bags? Who wants boring anyway? That won't be you so I hope you go find your fashionable laptop bag now!

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