EMIS Good Things

December, 2015 Edition

In this Issue:

1). Checking BB Learn Grades

2). Lessons learned by teaching 1:1

3). Communication and Collaboration ideas

4). Professional Development Sign up

5). Educanon New Features

6). Study Island Group Sessions

7). Seven ways to use Technology with a purpose

8). Social Happenings at EMIS

9). Holiday Resources

10). A Resource to Come- Be excited!!

Checking Grades before Progress Reports

Be sure you verify that all of your grades are averaging correctly before sending home progress reports. This includes checking that every assignment is in a category and in the correct grading period. See below to check and email Tara if you have problems or see an issue you can't resolve! Please don't want until Thursday to do this!

Lessons Learned

We have learned a lot about a 1:1 conversion! The article below offers the authors 3 hints or tips to being successful! What would your tips for a "newbie" be for successfully integrating computers into their classroom? Post it in the Padlet wall linked below and check out what others are saying!

Communication and Collaboration

These are 2 very important 21st Century Skills we will be focusing on this 9 weeks! Our next "Visit" will be on December 8. Start brainstorming now and thinking how you could incorporate these skills into a lesson to showcase on this date! See the ideas below for ways you can incorporate more collaboration into your class!
  • Students work in teams to prepare their own study material Infographics to share with other class members or other teachers' classes (Try Piktochart)
  • Pair classes in common content areas to create and play virtual games against each other using Jeopardy Labs, Quizizz or Socrative.
  • Have students create a collaborative study guide using Google Docs to collaborate virtually with another teacher's class.
  • Use student-led small groups to review key concepts in station-style rotations. Consider using Today's Meet for a backchannel or use Real Time Board for interactive whiteboards.
  • Have students create newsletters to share with parents about what they've learned - practicing their synthesizing skills and using images to support (cited properly of course!). Try Smore. Or even have students create a video to show off their skills!
  • Set up a Mystery Skype (Amy Smith and Becky Snyder have almost "perfected" this- so we have some resident experts) or Google Hangout with another classroom in the district or an outside expert in your content area. Let students develop questions to ask related to their studies, or teach a lower level grade about topics they are "experts" in. Click here for more information on Connecting Outside the Classroom.

With our age group, we just need to remember to set the ground rules of collaboration and using these tools before starting. Make sure students know that these tools are to be used in school for educational purposes- not as chat rooms outside of school. Also, remind students that all communication needs to be school appropriate!

Professional Development Opportunities

If you haven't, please be sure to use the link below and pick 3 sessions you want to attend this school year.

Educanon~ Additional features on the way!

We have purchased some additional features for Educanon that will be coming soon! Check out the benefits in the image below! I'm most excited about printing worksheets and INTEGRATION with blackboard Learn! More details about this will be coming soon!
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Study Island Group Session

This is a "new" feature (or improvement to an old feature) and lets kids answer study island questions in real time with the class. You use to need clickers for this but now students can use their own machines. Message Tara if you want to try it out! She'd love to get with you and see how it works in your class!

7 Ways to Use Technology with a Purpose

7 Ways to use Technology with a Purpose! I loved this infographic and wanted to share- click here to see the full article.
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Feeling Social?

Sign up for some of our EMIS holiday fun on the links below!
Secret Santa Sign up

Please Sign up by Monday

Happy "December" Birthday!

December 4: Terri Garrett

December 7: Crystal Fansler

December 22: Shawna Gallmon

December 23: Tracy Pope

December 29: Cheryl Fellores

Other December Happenings...

December 7: 4th Grade Math Training

December 8: 5th Grade Math Training &Digital Conversion Visit

December 9: Early Release

December 10: Progress Reports, Cookie Dough Pick up, & Silver and Gold Dance

December 11: Staff Luncheon 11:30-12:30

December 14-18: Secret Santa Begins

December 17: 6:30pm Winter Concert

December 18: PTO Sales reward day

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