Thursday's Thoughts

February 22, 2018

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MAP Testing

We will begin MAP testing March 1st. In order to allow students to test in their classrooms where they are most comfortable and to give them lots of practice testing on their iPads, we will have them complete the MAP tests in your rooms. Because of new accountability measures from the state, 2nd grade will not take primary MAP but the 2-5 MAP test. This will be very different for them from the MAP test in the fall, so please discuss this with them. It will not be read to them.

You will have a scheduled date to take the test. I will send that schedule out tomorrow. Begin talking with your students about this test and the importance of them trying their best. If you have any questions, please let me know.

Strings Performance

Ms. Ramirez, our strings teacher, will be bringing students to our school to perform for classes on March 7th. For this date, we need to flip the third and fifth grade related times. Third will go during fifth grade related, and fifth will go during third grade related. Please let me know if you have any questions about this. Again, this is for March 7th only.

Breakfast with Dads

We have invited our daddy's/granddaddy's in to eat on March 1st. Please place this on your newsletters.

Progress Reports

Progress reports go home Monday, February 26th.
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Jungle Book

I am getting so excited about our Jungle Book production. Sheri, Heather, Lori, and Stephanie have put so many hours into this and it is going to be AMAZING! We will be taking our students over to the middle school so that they can see the play. On March 22nd, K-2 will go. On March 23rd, 3-5 will go. The related schedule for these two days will be different because teachers are needed to assist backstage. On the day that your students go to the play, your class will not go to related arts. The schedule is below:

March 22nd: K-2 to the middle school

3rd grade related time: 1:15

4th grade related time: 12:20

5th grade realted time: 11:25

March 23rd: 3-5 to the middle school

K-2 will be on their normal related arts schedule.

We will send you a permission slip to send home for your students to attend.

A zillion thank yous to Lori, Heather, Sheri, and Stephanie for all that you are doing and have done to provide this opportunity for our kids. You rock!


A huge shout out to Dee Davis for leading efforts to raise over $22,000 for JRFH! I am blown away by our students and their committment to this cause! Amazing!!

Math Tip

Sandra Goff came today and worked with our K&1 teachers. She discussed the importance of automaticity of math facts. She said to choose a set number of facts each week, her suggestion was five for the lower grades, and have students practice those five facts all week. She said to use these facts in story problems, have students write them beside their names when turning in work, anything to have them write them over and over in order to memorize them. She mentioned this last year and said to have an area on your board where your facts are for the week so that students see them throughout the day and you can refer to them often. I thought this was a great idea to help with memorizing and quickly recalling basic facts. :-)


The keypad on the door beside the gym is still not working. I am going to get everyone a master key so that you can open doors when you need to enter. I will be getting your key to you shortly.

Make plans to attend a faculty meeting on March 7th. Mark your calendars now so that we can have everyone in attendance.

Happy Friday!