by Briana Aydlett

Who made it?

Nathan Swatz made Timberlands

How did it come to be?

To help construction workers by having comfortable and stylish working boots,

Where was the first one made?

It was founded in Boston, Massachusetts and headquarters in Satratham, New Hampshire.

Where is it made now?

In China

What is its purpose originaly and now?

For workers mainly doing construction work for manufacturers and now for fashion.

How is it sold?

By ordering them online and going into stores,

How much? Where? to who?

1.5 billion. United States, Canada, United Kingdoms, Columbia, and Argentina. To China and thru out the world.

Scientific Method

My hypothesis for timberlands is that it helps workers not to hurt themselves and also for fashion styles. My conclusion is that they weren't only use for fashion and where they came from. And my prediction is that they wont go out of style and could go world wide.