Modern Era Of Europe By: Zack Ahmed

What Is The Scientific Revolution ?

The scientific revolution was when developments in mathematics, physics, astronomy, biology, medicine, and chemistry transformed views of society and nature.This had many people trying to make new ideas and help & impact their society.Three famous men during this amazing period of time was Isaac Newton,Galileo,& Nicolaus Copernicus. Many were curious and questioned other beliefs about the universe rotating around the earth

The Men Behind The Method !


In case you did not know about the geocentric theory, is was a time when many scientists thought that the earth was in the center of the universe and the rest of the universe rotated around the earth which is stated that is is motionless.

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The Effect Of The Scientific Revolution !

As we all know the scientific revolution is a major event that happen in Europe. Many including scientist thought that the sun and the other plants revolved around the earth. As i recall in my intro, one effect would be when many questioned each other about their evidence or belief. Another would be that when people thought that the geocentric theory was true and that the universe really did revolve around the earth.