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Weekly Communication from Sunset Ranch: Feb 11-Feb 15th

Thank You for an AMAZING Dance Show!

Thank you to all of the adults who supported the Dance Show. To Precision Dance Center who choreographed and taught our students for 4 weeks, to our PE teachers and aides for running the show in front of and behind the curtain, to our parents for chaperoning and creating costumes, to our teachers who managed wacky schedules, to our front office staff who sold tickets and organized everything, to our custodians for keeping us looking shiny and in our seats - THANK YOU.

We hope our audiences enjoyed it. Our talented kids really brought their best this year! Thanks again!

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Sixth grade students will have their grams delivered when they return from Science Camp.
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Returning Student Letter

On Wednesday of this week, SR will send home a letter to parents asking if their student plans on returning to Sunset Ranch next year. Please fill out the bottom portion and return it to the teacher or the office. Students will earn a green Pawsitive for being responsible and returning the important paper to school on or before the deadline of February 27th. This helps the office plan enrollment and staffing for the 2019-2020 school year.
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What's Up with Reflex Math?

The teachers at Sunset Ranch decided during Trimester 1 that we would like to find an alternative to Reflex Math, due to the continuing cost of the program ($3,000 a year). As we were vetting new products, our subscription ran out (Jan 31st). The PTC has generously decided to fund a six-month subscription for the school while we find the right fit for our student's needs. PTC had previously funded the first year of Reflex for us as well. While Reflex will continue through the end of the school year (after the invoice has been received by the company as paid), we will continue to look for an appropriate program to meet the needs of all students.

Never heard of Reflex? It's an online math program designed for 2nd-6th grade students that is individualized and adapts to student needs. Through the use of games, students are challenged to memorize and become fluent in their math facts (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division),

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Our PBIS Rewards is getting a Make-Over!

Based on input from our students and staff, we have updated the redemption process for our green and golden Pawsitives. We will be rolling it out officially on Monday, February 25th, but wanted to give you a sneak peak!

There is more student choice embedded in the new redemption and a deeper connection between WHY a Pawsitive was earned and a privilege or tangible reward.

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Buy Your Yearbook Here by April 20th

The deadline to order and to customize your yearbook is April 20, 2019. After clicking on the link, use the code 13231219.

Click HERE to view Virtual Backpack (Link FIXED!)

Each week, flyers that would have taken money & supplies to print and time to count out & distribute are placed on the VB on the school website. This is where many of our community partners advertise after school clubs, sports, child care and more.

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SR Parent Suggestion Form

Use this form to identify issues that could be improved at SR and to give your suggestion for how to improve it. Your input is read by the admin team first, and then may be shared with the appropriate team or department.