Room 603 Update

March 21, 2016

Next 2 Weeks at a Glance:

What We're Studying:

  • Language Arts - Main Idea
  • Math - Unit 5: Geometry and Measurement
  • Writing - Opinion Writing
  • Social Studies - Government
  • Other - The 7 Habits: Sharpen the Saw

What We're Doing:

March 7-11

  • Book Fair all week!
  • Dr. Seuss Week!
  • Monday: Special math lesson, music, art
  • Wednesday: No PE, Bookfair night @5:30
  • Friday: Flag Salute & Great Kindness Challenge Kick-off!

March 14-18

  • Monday: Drama
  • Tuesday: Field Trip to Rancho Buena Vista Adobe
  • Wednesday: PE
  • Thursday: St. Patrick's Day

Class Calendar:

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--------- Announcements ----------

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Great Kindness Challenge March 14-25

The Great Kindness Challenge is devoted to promoting as many acts of kindness as possible. It is two week period of activities and events designed to foster a culture of kindness on our campus!

The Great Kindness Challenge will include:

  • A challenge to students, staff and parents to complete and document 50 acts of kindness
  • Classroom math talks using the data collected on acts of kindness
  • Kindness Ambassadors from each classroom recognizing acts of kindness on the playground
  • Buddy classes creating and displaying kindness posters
  • The Student Council creating a kindness wall
  • Kindness Spirit Week

Early Release Day!

Thursday, March 17th is an early release day for students. Students will be leaving at 2:30

--What's Been Going on in Rm 603--

100 Day Fair

We celebrated the 100th day of school by playing math games run by the 4th and 5th graders. The kids had a blast!

Class of Innovators

We have been studying famous innovators in our class over the past few weeks. The kids have been so inspired by the lives of people like Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, Florence Nightingale, the Wright Brothers, and more.

Garden Time

We went on a Lorax scavenger hunt through the garden last week to celebrate Dr. Seuss' birthday. Although we didn't find the loraxes, we had a great time exploring and writing in the garden. We also got to see how much our tomatoes from the fall have grown!

Student Council

We had our Student Council class elections a couple weeks ago. Every student who ran did an amazing job on their speeches! Congratulations to Alina, our new representative, and Lilly our alternate.

Thank you!

- Miss Roy