young army

what it was

Boys and girls ages of ten was welcomed into the camp.they had a little bit of air, before they had to do there dutys.they where there in the youth till they were 14 years young.When it was time for them to leave and there national socialists. they had to go to labor service for seven months.

how he tought them

In the class room Hitler would teach the youth to believe everything he believed, such as race- conscious,obedients, and self-scarficing Germans who would die for there Fatherland.From the first day in school, German kids were imbued with the same mind set of Hitler.


Hitler was a very horrible man who made a armie of young kid ages 10-14. these kids were put in the mind set of everything he believed , which wasn't right

Amethyst Ruiz

english 6th


febuary 19th,2015