Madeira Bakesale

Aid Sierra Leone in its fight against Ebola!

Help Hindo and the Bumpe Chiefdom!

Meet Hindo: a 23 year old law student in Sierra Leone who, because schools are closed, has used his incredible leadership and creativity helping the Ebola outbreak in the Bumpe Chiefdom.

They need OUR help. Come out to the bakesale during D and E lunch this Thursday!

Madeira Bakesale

Thursday, Dec. 18th, 11:30pm

Madeira Dining Hall

What Will Your Donations Do?

· $20 will fuel a bike to reach 10 villages a day

· $23 - Supports 1 Hand-Washing Station - 1 bucket, dettol, 3 posters - This will support 10-15 villagers

· $115 - Support an Entire Village - supply an entire village with 5 hand-washing stations

· $49 will provide one week of food for a quarantined household

o $17 = half a bag of rice

o $11 = fish

o $10 = one gallon of oil

o $ 6 = one bag of onions

o $ 4 = one container of salt

o $ 1 = one packet of spices