Food Science Class Update

January 4, 2016

ThingLink NEISD District Challenge

NEISD has a district challenge currently going on. All Food Science classes are entering the competition which is about winter holiday traditions around the world. Our spin on it will be the holiday foods and the science behind those foods, Instructions are in google classroom and the due date is January 12. If the student or team is a district winner then extra credit will be given for their final 9 weeks average and they will have the opportunity to participate in a live webinar about their ThingLink.

Best Final Exam Ever:Pasta Lab!

Did my child receive credit for the fall semester in Food Science?

If your child passed for the semester, then yes, s/he received 1/2 of a credit.

If your child failed for the semester, then no, s/he did not receive credit. However, s/he may still regain that credit if s/he passes the spring semester with a high enough average to pass for the year and displays mastery of the first semester TEKS.

To get one full credit for the year, all students must pass the 2nd semester. Please emphasize this with your child, as many seniors tend to "slide" this last semester.

Carbohydrate Unit

We are in our carbohydrate unit. Before the break, we did marshmallows, fudge and pasta labs as part of this unit. We will be focusing in on these TEKS:

(16) The student identifies properties of carbohydrates. The student is expected to:

(A) explain the chemical reaction that occurs when plants produce carbohydrates;

(B) define monosaccharides and disaccharides and name examples of each;

(C) describe the regulation of glucose in the blood and the conditions resulting from low and high glucose levels;

(D) explain sugar hydrolysis and list the products of the hydrolysis of sucrose and lactose;

(E) discuss the process of caramelization;

(F) compare the structures of amylose and amylopectin and how these structures affect cooking properties; and

(G) describe gelatinization, paste, retrogradation, and syneresis.

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Future Labs: Biscuits and Gravy, Caramelized Food Item, Bagels, and Play Dough.

Where is Mrs. Wales in the afternoon?

At the end of the semester, I became the Department Chair for the Career and Technology Education Department. Duties for this position include attending meetings at WC and at Central Office several days a month in the afternoons. As a consequence, my 7th and 8th period Food Science classes have been transferred to Chassie Bentley. Ms. Bentley is a great teacher and has a culinary background. She will be following my lesson plans and we will be coordinating everything. I am sure your child will enjoy having her as a teacher!