Meet the New Presdient of IAHPERD - - Jennifer Peterson Oskaloosa

Iowa Association of Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance

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A bit about Jennifer ......

I want to introduce myself to our wonderful membership......

Jennifer Peterson
Oskaloosa, Iowa
K-5 Physical Education

I graduated from The University of Northern Iowa (Go PANTHERS) and got my first teaching job right out of college in 1999. That job was at Waverly-Shell Rock High School where I taught 9-12 grade. Waverly is an amazing community and I feel very blessed to of gotten my feet wet surrounded by such a wonderful staff of Physical Educators.

In 2001 I met a guy -- and the rest is history. I moved to Oskaloosa in 2002 and started teaching part-time elementary PE for the Oskaloosa Community School District. I eventually went full time to K-5 PE and that brings me today, (almost)16 years later, it's been a fun and wild ride and I have learned so much from being surround by so many encouraging educators, administrators and friends.

My husband and I have two great boys, ages 6 and 8. They keep us very busy with their after school activities. I know we are just at the tip of the busy, run here and there, hectic sports schedule, but I look forward to watching them grow.

I am involved in many community related committee's and activities.

Blue Zones School Policy Committee
Mahaska Wellness Team Member
Elementary Wellness Committee
Past President and current Seceratary for the Friends of Mahaska County Conservation Board
Member of P.E.O. Chapter NN
Mahaska Hospice Auxiliary Member
"Dare Ya" Committee member
Many other community related committee's that involve wellness, recreation or school needs.

As a member of IAHPERD, I started attending conventions while in college at UNI. I learned early on how valuable the association is to it's members. My hope is to continue the rich tradition of networking, sharing, and bringing our talented members together for conventions as well as staying informed on the hot Physical Education and Health topics at the National and State levels.

I am very excited to be your NEW PRESIDENT and as I have many goals -- the most important is to serve you and bring you the best that IOWA AHPERD has to offer.

IAHPERD and the year ahead.....

Here is what we are working on

Our association is going through some changes that we hope will better serve our state.
First, we are working on a restructure of our council. There is an ad hoc committee working on this and hopefully we'll have something ready for the membership to vote on in the coming months.
Second, we are in the process of hiring a new Executive Director. There is a committee that will be taking applications starting this week. Deadline for applications will be November 10, 2015.
Third, there will be an electronic vote coming out November 1, 2014, for President-Elect and Chair elect positions.

The last thing I want to leave you with is a BIG BIG CHANGE -- Our convention is MOVING to ................. the SUMMER!
The goal is to get our attendance up and by moving to early summer, we hope to more members will have the time to attend convention.
Put this date in your calendar --- JUNE 12-14, 2015 in OSKALOOSA, IOWA.
The location of the convention is William Penn College. I will send out accommodation information after the first of the year.

We just landed our big banquet KEYNOTE SPEAKER --
Michele Smith
2x Olympic Gold Medalist in Softball and ESPN analyst

Look for more Convention information our our IOWA AHPERD website. It's always updated and current.

CALL FOR NOMINATIONS for Chair Elect Positions

The Elect role is a year of learning about your chair seat and then the following year you become the CHAIR and you are a voting member on the board.

VP Physical Education & Sport -
VP Health -
Elementary PE -
Secondary PE-
Sports Section-
School Health Education-
Fitness Promotion-

CALL FOR NOMINATIONS for President - Elect

Please submit your Bio elect form to Jennifer Peterson by October 31, 2014.
The vote will take place from November 1-3, 2014. The form can be found on the home page of the IOWAAHERD.ORG website.


Please submit your application to Jennifer Peterson on or before November 10. The application is currently in committee for review, but will be posted on the IAHPERD website by October 31.

Current candidates for President-Elect and Chair Elect positions

President - Elect Candidate

Name of Desired Position: President Elect

Name: Ben Robison

Current School: Clear Creek Amana

Grade Level: 8th Grade

Educational Background (major/degree):

B.A. Simpson College – Physical Education

Professional Certifications: Iowa Teaching License: Physical Education, Health, Coaching

USTFCCCA Technical Certification

USATF Level 1 Coaching Certification

Professional Honors/Awards:

Years as IAHPERD Member: 3

Years as SHAPE/AAHPERD Member: 2

Professional Involvement with IAHPERD/SHAPE (presenter, committees, offices):


Other professional workshops/convention that you have presented:

Attendee – IAHPERD 2013, 2014

Attendee – SHAPE America/AAPHERD 2013, 2014

Attendee – National PE Institute 2014

Why are you running for this office and what is your vision for our organization?

While I’m young, and relatively new to the profession, I feel that I have accomplished a lot in my gym at Clear Creek Amana. I would like to bring that fire and drive to Iowa AHPERD. I have some experience with administrative tasks, and I’m confident that my skillsets make me a good fit for this position. I’m an advocate for everyday PE for every student, which we are fortunate to have at Clear Creek Amana Middle School.

One of the largest goals that I have is to bring new faces into the organization. I believe that there are many teachers (both new and “seasoned”) who are not a part of our organization that should be. We could probably learn a thing or two from them!

Elementary Section Chair - Elect Candidate

Name of Desired Position: Elementary PE Section Chair (Elect)

Name: Justin Wiese

Current School: Hopewell Elementary School (Pleasant Valley Community School District)

Grade Level: K-6

Educational Background (major/degree):

Bachelor of Arts from University of Northern Iowa

· k-12 Physical Education Major,

· 5-12 Health Education Minor,

· K-12 Athletic Coaching Major

Masters in Education from Viterbo University

Professional Certifications:

· Master Educator License

· PE4life Certificate of Completion for Roders Arkansas Academy Training- 12 hours

Professional Honors/Awards:

· Awarded a $5,000 PE4life grant in 2011-2012

· PE4life Model School in 2009-2010

· Awarded a $35,000 equipment award from PE4life in 2009

· Awarded a $1,500 IAHPERD grant in 2009

· PE Major of the Year Award from University of Northern Iowa in 2004

· Monica Wild and Doris White Award winner in 2002-2003 and 2003-2004

· Joseph Wright Scholarship 2001-2004

Years as IAHPERD Member:11 years

Years as SHAPE/AAHPERD Member: 1

Professional Involvement with IAHPERD/SHAPE (presenter, committees, offices):

Elementary PE Section Chair in 2008-2009

Other professional workshops/convention that you have presented: NA

Why are you running for this office and what is your vision for our organization? I am very proud to be a PE teacher and I believe that to become the best teacher I can be, I need to stay current I my profession. I am running for this office so I can maintain a current network of PE professionals in our state, and help shape the state of Elementary Physical Education.

Any other comments that you would like to add…..

I had the opportunity to attend a the SHAPE America National Conference in St. Louis in the Spring of 2014 and have really felt called to get involved with this professional organization since then. From that opportunity, came the opportunity/ invite to the Central District leadership Summit in South Dakota over the summer (2014) and that was a great experience that confirmed my desire to want to get more involved in our state organization. This executive board position would provide me an opportunity to do this.

A sneak peak at the JUNE 2015 Convention Venue @ William Penn University in OSKALOOSA


Executive Board
- Jennifer Peterson
Past President - Tim Lane
- open
Secretary - Kari Bullis
Treasurer - Jennifer Schnell
Executive Director - open

VP PE and Sport - Megan Hansen
VP Health -
Joss Teed
Elementary Section Chair -
Bart Jones
Secondary Section Chair -
Chelsee Shortt
Sports Section Chair -
Joe Burch
School Health Chair -
Sarah Murphy
Fitness Chair -
Holly Fencl

IAHPERD Represenatives
Webmaster - Betsy Luck
Membership - Jessy Bibler
Journal Editor - Tim O'Hagan
Convention Manager - Jan Grenko Lehman
AHA Liasion - Shayla McBride

Legislative Council

Adapted PE chair - Susan Monahan Blair
Archivist - Carol Cooper
Community Health - Brian Pinns
Dance Chair - Kelli Tuttle
Fitness Chair - KC Robb
Higher Ed Chair - Trey Leach
Joint Projects chair - Margaret Beuter
Student Affairs Chair - Bob Nutgrass
Legislative Affairs - Abby Goodlaxon
Public Relations - Mary O'Conner
Recognition Chair - Jen Neubauer
Recreation Chair - Travis French
Retiree Chair - Jim Patterson

Submit Journal articles to Tim O'Hagan

Friday, Nov. 7th, 10pm


Dear IAHPERD Memebers,

Let your voice be heard! I'm your IAHPERD Journal/UPDATE layout/editor. You are not obligated to submit anything but as members we'd love it if you wanted to submit materials for our twice a year Journal. Ideas could be: an awesome lesson you're doing in class, a recent masters thesis and the data you've collected, if you've won an IAHPERD grant what are you doing with the funds?, activity based before/after school programs, our 'Top 5' professional reads, apps, or equipment that can be used in the classroom/gym. You are the change agents in our state and lets not limit the exchange of ideas to just conventions.

I'd also welcome any pictures you've taken from recent events and convention. Make sure to include the names of the people and what's happening in the picture.

Our next Journal is coming out November 15th (online). Please submit anything for this issue by Friday, November 7th.

Let me know if there's any other ways I can serve you as the Journalist so it can be 'our' Journal.


Tim O'Hagan

#PhysEdSummit Block 1 - Standards Based Grading Session

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#PhysEdSummit Block 1 - Teaching Games for Understanding (TGfU) Session

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#PhysEdSummit Keynote - You Are the Difference Maker, Andy Vasily

Andy Vasily is a very well respected. Enjoy the message.
#PhysEdSummit Keynote - You Are the Difference Maker, Andy Vasily

#PhysEdSummit Block 1 - Physical Literacy Session

Collin Brooks is president of Oregon AHPERD.
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