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Dead or Alive

Boys Gone Missing

Three boys by the name of Tom Sawyer, Joe Harper, and Huckleberry Finn. They went missing a few days ago. If you have any information on there disappearance or know their location, please let the local authorities know. They are presumed to have drowned, but they may be lost. We wont give up the search for them.
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Interviewing Mark Twain

The Censoring

Reporter: "Mr. Twain, how do you feel about the censoring of your book, tom sawyer"?

Mark: "I feel that it should not be censored, because it only has some minor language".

Reporter: "But is it appropriate for a 7th grader"?

Mark: "I feel a 7th grader should be able to read it without being offended by it".

Reporter: "What about a child under 7th grade"?

Mark: "Should someone that age be reading this high of a level book"?

Reporter: "I never thought of it like that".

Mark: "This book should not be changed for a people who are not even going to be able to read the dialect".

Reporter: "That is a very good point, maybe the book shouldn't be needed to be censored".

Mark: "Do you have any other questions for me"?

Reporter: "No I don't".

Mark: "Then I guess i'll be on my way".

Reporter: "Thank you for your time".

Mark: "It was my pleasure".

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