Fever 1793

Callie Simonetti

All about the book

Fever 1793 is about a yellow fever that you can die from. The yellow fever was very contagious and speeded throughout Philadelphia. Some people did not even know they had it, others suffering wondering if they will survive. The main character of the book Mattie, her mom started with it, she kicked Mattie and the grandfather out of the house. Then they got checked for the yellow fever the grandfather got sick and Mattie got yellow fever.

Mattie's mom

Mattie's mom was very protective, when Mattie's mom got yellow fever she kicked Mattie out so she would not get yellow fever. Mattie's mom survived the yellow fever and went out looking for months she finally found Mattie but not the grandfather.

Yellow fever

Yellow fever is contagious


Mattie changed by,first Mattie like a boy named Nathaniel she was really shy. Once the fever was gone she spent more time with him.


I recommend this book because it is very interesting, also you can find out what people had to gothorough.