industrial revolution

by brianalys quezada

cause & effect

Cause; this all started when a cotton machine was created in the eighteenth century witch mad work easier fro every one.

Effect; work hours were longer about 12 to 16 hour 6 days a week witch meant that they only had one day off,they had half an hour lunch and dunner, they also had no minimum wage.

change and continuity

Change: it gave women jobs and the right to work hard.

Continuity: during this a new manufacturing technologies was born.this started and end from 1760 to sometime in between 1820 & 1840.the working class benefited from this the most by have people who work there be replaced by machines and loosing there jobs.automated or done by machines and required less human work.

turning point

In the way goods were produced and altered the way people lived,it was a major turning point in our world.we had more building and machines to make life easier but it was dirtying the world we live in and making it worst by trying to make it easier to live in.

though their eyes

through their eyes it was a way to make money and get jobs done easier and faster then with people working on it.even though for some people it wasn't so good cause a lot of them lost their jobs because of all these machines.

using the past

in the past that's all they had were machines jobs now there's more jobs and way more opportunity for women to work and make money,now you can have 2 jobs and get paid by the hours and have more days off and more time for lunch not like in the past that they only had half an hour for lunch and dinner and only one day off.