Jumanji vs Zathura

By Chris Van Allsburg

Story Summaries

Jumanji takes place first, and in it two siblings, Judy and Peter, find a board game described as a "jungle adventure game". Each roll of the dice comes to life and during the game they encounter challenges such as lions, monkeys, monsoons, and a rhino stampede. They know that the only way things will go back to normal is if someone wins the game! After they beat the game, they return the game to the park where they found it, only to see their neighbors, Danny and Walter, running off with it!

Zathura picks up right where Jumanji left off. Two brothers, Danny and Walter Budwing, are always arguing and fighting. They come across a game board lying next to a tree in the park. On closer inspection of the game box, Jumanji, they find another game tucked inside. The "space adventure game" called Zathura, provides an out of this world escape for the brothers with challenges such as angry robots, gravity, aliens, and photon torpedoes! The brothers are forced to work together, to the point where they learn to rely on each other and get along! The game takes the older brother through a black hole, back in time, so that he can stop his brother from picking up the game.

Similarities and Differences Between the Stories


- Both stories have siblings as the main characters.

- They both take place in a house.

- They both find board games that take them into real-life dangerous situations.

- The only way the can get back to normal is to win the game!

- Parents left their kiddos home alone in both stories.


- In Jumanji there is a brother and sister and in Zathura it is two brothers.

- Jumanji takes place on Earth and Zathura takes place in space.

- In Jumanji, real life objects attack the kids and in Zathura, it was more fictional.

My Reader's Opinion:

I liked the story Zathura better, because I'm very interested in space! I liked seeing the boys start fighting and learn to get along.