A Christmas Carol

By Charles Dickens

Stave 1

Ebenezer Scrooge - This man was the main character in A Christmas Carol. He was a very grumpy, ungrateful and old man who owned his own counting-house in downtown London. He hated the poor and was a really greedy fellow. Scrooge was disgusted by the idea of Christmas. He doesn't believe in the holiday and is really just a Debbie - downer about the whole thing.

Bob Cratchit - This man is Scrooge's clerk. He is very kind even though his family is very large yet poor. Bob gets treated very harshly by Scrooge but he still manages to stay humble and is dedicated to his job and family.

Jacob Marley - While he was still living, Jacob Marley was Scrooge's equally greedy partner at their business. Marley died seven years before this story begins. He revisits Ebenezer in ghost form bound by heavy chains. Jacob hopes to save Scrooge from the same mistakes so he won't have so suffer in the after-life.

Fred - This man is Scrooge's nephew, son of his sister, Fran. Fred absolutely loves Christmas and has constantly tried to make Scrooge enjoy it just as much as he does by inviting him to his Christmas party every year. Scrooge, being the man that he is, always declines.

Stave 2: The Ghost of Christmas Past

The Ghost of Christmas Past is the first spirit to visit Scrooge. This ghost is very short but also very strong. The ghost has very long white hair and carries a stick of holly in one hand and a candle snuffer in the other. A very bright, glowing light shines out of the spirits head. The ghost takes Scrooge through a tour of his past Christmases.

The first place the spirit takes him is the countryside where Scrooge was raised. He sees his old school and all of his fellow classmates. This really touches him so he starts to cry. The ghost takes the weeping Scrooge to where a lonely boy, who turns out to be Scrooge as a young child. They see him reading all alone while all of the other children are with their families for Christmas break. They keep looking back on his school days as he grows older. Suddenly, his little sister, Fran, runs into the room and proclaims that she is to take Scrooge home. She promises him that their father is much kinder now. Sadly, Fran had passed away many years ago and is the mother of his nephew Fred.

Next, the ghost leads Scrooge to another Christmas of the past including a joyful party thrown by Fezziwig, who was apprenticed by Scrooge as a young boy. Then he sees an older version of himself talking to a young woman named Belle. The woman is crying while she breaks off her engagement with him because she claims that Scrooge's greed has corrupted their relationship. The spirit takes him to the house of his ex-fiancé' and her family. They talk about how Scrooge is 'quite alone in the world'. This sends Scrooge over the edge and he begs the spirit to take him back to the comfort of his bed. He puts the hat over the ghost's head, dimming the light and he finds himself zipped back up in his own bedroom where he falls back to sleep.

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Stave 3: The Ghost of Christmas Present

The Ghost of Christmas Present is the second of the three ghosts to visit Scrooge. This huge figure is clothed in green robes and sits on top of a pile of food. He has a booming voice that tells Scrooge to touch his robe.

The first place his ghost takes him is to a busy city on Christmas morning. People shout "Merry Christmas!" left and right. The spirit takes Scrooge to the home of Bob Cratchit. Him and his children are preparing a meal of what they would afford. Bob comes in carrying his young crippled son, Tiny Tim. Even though the family doesn't have much, they are more than happy to be all together celebrating Christmas. The ghost then takes Scrooge to a bunch of other Christmas gatherings. One of these places is the annual Christmas party that his nephew Fred holds. Scrooge indulges himself in all the games and is so entertained. Lastly, the spirit takes him to an isolated place where he shows him two starving children. The boy's name is Ignorance and the girl's name is Want. The ghost tells him to try and avoid the boy the most. Scrooge doesn't understand why there are no workhouses or prisons for the children to go. Suddenly, the ghost disappears and the clock strikes midnight.

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Stave 4: The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come

The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come is the last of the three spirits. This ghost is dressed in a black hooded robe and is definitely the most haunting of all three.

First this sprit takes Scrooge to the London stock exchange, where a group of businessmen talk about the death of a wealthy man. Next, they head to a London slum where a group of dingy people sell off all of Scrooge's belongings. The only people that show any emotion towards Scrooge's death is the people that owed him money. They peep into Bob Cratchit's house where they mourn the death of Tiny Tim. The spirit shows Scrooge a dead man covered in bed sheets. He refuses to lift them so the ghost takes him to a graveyard and shows him a tombstone with the name 'EBENEZER SCROOGE' carved into it. He begs the ghost to undo the future and promises him that he will celebrate Christmas. After the phantom disappears, Scrooge finds himself in his own bed.

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Stave 5: Moral of the Story

A Christmas Carol shows us to be kind and thoughtful of others, because the way we treat people know will reflect on how our fate is to be determined when this life is passed. It also shows that money can't buy everything, especially not happiness. Don't spend your life being greedy when there are other less fortunate people out there. The gift of giving is such a powerful thing and is worth way more than money can buy. Live your life to the fullest and love others.
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