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If you Had the Decision to choose between Love or Life, Which Would it be?

In the movie, Delirium, a young teenager named Lena Halloway has always dreamed of getting cured her whole life from a love disease known as Delirium. She's seventeen and has many weeks from turning eighteen to be cured. But a perfect guy named Alex Sheathes walks into her life and changes everything. Will Lena choose to forget about love and excel her exams? Or will she love and suffer the same fate as her mother? Watch this drama-filled movie to find out.

“Love is like a virus. It can happen to anybody at any time.”

Maya Angelou

Remembering Lena Halloway

Lena was born on September 21, 2002 and was Lost in 2020.

She was the lover of Alex Sheathes. After the Death of Alex Sheathes from a gunshot, she cried miserably and ran off. No one knows where she is because she ran off into the wilds alone. Her family is worried and the guards are trying to find her. She forgot about her exams too and she didn't even say goodbye. May God help her find a way to safety.

Lena was seventeen at the time of her depart. Her last residence was in Portland.

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Everyone's Valid... but are they Invalid?!?!?!

There was a strange guy named Alex Sheathes and he goes to Portland State University. To go there you have to be cured, but I don't like the looks of him. I mean, he laughs a lot, says hi to all of my professors, and goofs off. One day I spied on him and I saw him hugging a girl. I heard him tell her about a place called the wilds and overheard him saying "love you" I hid back behind the walls and realized he was an invalid!! Beware! The invalids may be your schoolmates!!