Child, Family, School Social Worker

Assisting kids and parents to repair past or current issues

Job Description

Child, family, and school social workers help assist children and their parents who are dealing with personal issues. These issues can range from abuse, mental or physical disorders, drug use, and many more. They also help the parents find recourses to assist keeping the child in their own home, and not put into a foster home.

Not only do they help children struggling with issues at home, but also in schools. They respond to crises in the classroom and help children who act out, who are stressed, or who are being targeted and bullied in their school environment. Social workers also provide support and therapy to children who have experienced traumas, losses, or extra-familial abuse.

This career offers a range of annual ranges. The median annual range is usually around $39,960. It can range higher depending on where you work. This career requires you to have at least a bachelor's degree, anything higher is also accepted.

A child, family, and school social worker's main goal is so help give physical and emotional support to children and parents so that that family can remain safe and loving.