Biotech Crops

By: Regan Shaffer

What are Biotech Crops?

Biotech crops are crops that has been genetically DNA technology either to promote of to prevent the production of a particular protein. It also allows growers to use broad-spectrum herbicides without harming the crops.


Most of the research on genetically modified crops has been carried out in developed countries, mainly in North America, Latin America, and Europe. Many developing countries have also established the capacity for genetic engineering.

How are biotech crops used?

1. All of the DNA from Bacillus thiurengensis , is isolated.

2. In the laboratory the specific DNA sequence which makes up the cry IAB gene is found and copied.

3.The cry 1AB soil bacterium version of the gene is found and copied

4. In a laboratory a corn plant is transformed with this new modified cry 1AB gene which will provide the crop plant with insecticidal protection

5. The corn plant which is able to be transformed doesn't contain all of the optimal gene which a producer needs in the field.

Where ?

Europe plant scientist began using Greager Mendel's genetic to manipulate and improve plant species. They explained it as a plant of one variety is crossed with a related plant to produce desired characteristics.

When were they used?

It stared in the 1940s, which was when they were basic of genetically modified crops. The first genetically modified foods that were sold were in 1996