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What is HelpSlip?

It is the world's most affordable Personal Assistant. Now Personal Assistants will no longer be the luxury enjoyed by selected few. Everyone can have a personal assistant.

A personal assistant who is not a machine called Siri, or Cortana. A personal assistant who is a person!

Basic Internet Research

For article research

Writing an article? Allow us to do research for you online. We'll dig into the different sources, and find you the content you need.

To get Ideas

Don't waste your time by going through search results one by one. Gift Ideas for that special event, or a theme to have for a party. Try out some new dishes, or build your wardrobe by what your favorite celebrity is wearing. Even baby names, or romantic songs, or unique cakes, or interesting decors - the list is endless.


Get the basic summary on any topic. Tell us the topic and what information you seek (pictures, news headlines, etc), and we will get it done for you.

Check Facts

Those debates at work. Speeches. Interviews - all require interruption and going at it on your phone to verify facts. Searching, searching - loading, loading. No more. Just tell us. We'll find out and let you know - asap.

Tips and Remedies

Tell us what you want. From tips to avoid morning sickness during pregnancy, fight off common cold, diet habits for diabetics - we will let you know.

We are HelpSlip

The World's Most Affordable Personal Assistant