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The Final Countdown! (Not Europe’s 1986 hit, but our current reality.)

This is it…as promised, the final stretch. Thank you for your patience as you anticipate dates and details surrounding graduation. The graduation gowns and diplomas are here and the end-of-the-year projects are under way.

THE FEE (Due by May 13, 2016)

In anticipation for the many events to come, please send a $150 check payable to St. Mary School and return it to me (Mrs. Mantecón) in an envelope marked “Graduation Fee”. The fee covers the cost of the gown, diploma and diploma covers, medals and awards, flowers, musician stipend, flowers, class composite picture for graduation wall, and graduation dinner expenses.





Monday, 5/23

Angel Island Field Trip

Field Trip Permission Due 5/13

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Tuesday 5/24 –

Thursday 5/26

Finals Week

Final Schedule to Come

Thursday 5/26

Shakespeare in the Park

Details from Mrs. Hilliard-Grey

Friday 5/27

Retreat: Capstone Day

Details to come/Parent Help Needed

Friday 5/27

Final Grading Day

All work and assessments need to be completed before this day.

Friday 5/27

Textbooks Collected

Send books to school by this date

An invoice will be issued for any book not returned in good condition by May 27. Invoice must be paid by June 1.

Monday 5/30

Memorial Day

No School

Tuesday 5/31

8:00 – Noon

Homeroom Day, Bacc Mass and Graduation Practice

Appropriate Free Dress Girls bring graduation shoes

Wednesday 6/1

8:00 – Noon

Goodbye 8th Grade Assembly. Bacc Mass and Graduation Practice

Appropriate Free Dress

Thursday 6/2

8:00 – Noon

Bacc Mass at 9 A.M.

Graduate Honor Parade

Graduation Practice follows

Bring pressed gowns in hangers with names/ID tags

Appropriate graduate attire

Gowns stay at school

Thursday 6/2

6 – 10 P.M.


6 P.M.: Hors d’oeuvres and family pictures; dinner follows

Appropriate attire and behavior

Friday 6/3

10 – Noon

Clean up after dance

Final Graduation Practice

Appropriate Free Dress

Friday 6/3

4:30 P.M.


Reception: Report Cards, Diploma

4:30 P.M.: Meet in 8th Grade Classroom

Don gowns

Pick up report cards and diplomas in Hofmann


Graduation Gowns: must be pressed; no adornments except cords, medals, or pins received from the school. Flowers leis, boutonnières, and corsages may be presented to the graduate only AFTER the Graduation Ceremony has concluded.

Shoes: No athletic shoes. Boys must wear dress shoes that will complement the color of the pants and gown. Girls may NOT wear heels higher than three inches (bring shoes to practice during graduation week) in a color that complements the gown.

Attire (Boys): Dress shirt and tie (style and color of family’s choice). Dark pants (blue or black).

Attire (Girls): Dress or blouse/dress that is not longer than the gown, but not too short, too revealing or too tight to be immodest.


Boys must wear dress clothes (dress shirts, slacks, dress shoes). Coats and ties are appropriate.

Girls must wear a nice dress or outfit (appropriate length skirt, dress pants). Material must not be see-through or revealing. Bare shoulders are not allowed (wear a cover up for an attire that does not meet this criteria). No element of the attire must be too tight, too short, too revealing, or immodest.


As the date draws near, anticipate more communication to get you ready and excited for these special events.

In the meantime, attend every opportunity for every “LAST” St. Mary moment for your 8th grader. It means a lot to them that you are around for these milestones.

As always, please call or email if you have any questions.